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Why putting the nation on a diet won’t solve the obesity crisis

By Gabriella Bittante, Policy Manager, UKHospitality  On the 6 March 2018 Public Health England (PHE) published its Calorie reduction: the scope and ambition for action report. The report highlighted overweight or obese boys and girls consume up to 500 and 290 excess calories each day respectively – suggesting the UK is well on the way… Read more »

Reducing alcohol harms in the hospitality sector

By Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive, Drinkaware Last December, Drinkaware became a partner in a new initiative in Nottingham to keep young revellers safe on nights out. The ‘Stay with Your Pack’ scheme, which runs throughout 2018, involves the largest-ever training programme for bar and door staff, including McDonald’s outlets and Nottingham BID taxi marshals as… Read more »

Can technology help build trust?

By Robert Holland, BHA Chief Technology Adviser Ask anyone (excluding Millenials) about relative values of marketing campaigns and they will always say that word of mouth still delivers the best return. With the advent of guest reviews and social media, this “word of mouth” has a much broader inclusion and no longer only refers to… Read more »

How trends can be more harmful than helpful

By Dr Lisa Ackerley, BHA Food Safety Adviser  The food industry is constantly coming up with exciting new trends, from mason jars to charcoal coloured food. But these innovations aren’t always safe or comply with food safety standards. Whilst a meal may look more exciting or presentable, do you really want a mouthful of someone else’s… Read more »

Could GDPR really impact my hotel?

By Robert Holland, Chief Technology Adviser to the BHA I cannot escape the discussion around the EU General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force on the 25th May 2018. Every seminar I attend seems to be touching on it. To my knowledge, there have been a couple of high profile Hospitality companies that have… Read more »

Getting a handle on food hygiene ratings

by Dr Lisa Ackerley, BHA Food Safety Adviser  Food safety (or the consequences of failure to comply with food safety standards) is in the news very regularly. I’m often asked – what in particular should a business look out for to keep safe, and more importantly to achieve a “5-star” Food Hygiene Rating (FHR). Increasingly,… Read more »

Introducing Media Pad by Gold Key Media

By Robert Holland, Chief Technology Adviser to the BHA I still have this romantic memory of waiting for the next instalment of my favourite comic when I was young. In fact, I still like to see the enjoyment that my six-year-old has when he gets the latest edition of Whizz Pop Bang. But I think… Read more »

The problem with single use packaging

by Gabriella Bittante, BHA Policy Manager Disposable packaging is part of everyday life. With more people eating and drinking on the go, and lunch ‘hours’ reduced to a mere 34 minutes on average, to-go options for busy workers and commuters are increasingly popular, and a necessary source of income for caterers, whose customer base has increasingly… Read more »

Millennials are embracing portfolio careers in greater numbers than ever before, but what is driving them?

by Oliver Crofton, Managing Director, Flexy Millennials have, at times, had a hard time from the press in relation to work ethic, outlining to their perceived entitlement, narcissism and laziness. Time Magazine famously described them as the ‘Me Me Me Generation’ back in 2013, and the perception that they are disloyal job-hoppers who baulk at hard work… Read more »