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What is an EPOS System and How it Will Benefit Your Business

Customer experience is everything. Knowing that your customers are satisfied and engaged with your business proposition makes everything worthwhile. With new technology and trends emerging every month, it’s important to understand how to apply these to your restaurant, casual dining or QSR dining business. One of the best long-term solutions to help you optimise the… Read more »

Being a Revenue Manager for a day!

by Robert Holland, Chief Technology Adviser to UKHospitality I will start with an admission that in addition to my work with the BHA, now UKHospitality, I also head up HotelPartner in the UK. I was drawn to this company whilst in my previous role as Regional Operations Manager for a national hotel management company. It… Read more »

How hotels can be leaders in the fight against modern slavery

by The Shiva Foundation Globally, there are 40.3 million people estimated to be living in slavery[1]. In the UK alone, there are an estimated 13,000 people[2] living in exploitative conditions. With more than one in 10 people working in hospitality around the world[3], the sector has the opportunity to take a strong stand on modern… Read more »

Cloud v Traditional EPOS: Understanding the Differences

Opening a new restaurant or quick service business is no small feat, even for an experienced entrepreneur! Among all key considerations you are likely to be making, you will also be looking at how you can streamline your business operations using specialised software – this is where an electronic point of sale system (EPOS) comes in. Now… Read more »

Engineered to improve guest experience

by Dyson Dyson engineers work tirelessly to invent new and better technology and solve the problems that other people ignore. Our products transform every category they enter into with radical engineering and iconic inventions that perform and look very different. This includes technology for businesses. In hotels, spas and resorts across the globe, guest experience… Read more »

Case Study: Caffé Concerto Launching into the casual dining deep-end with one location can be challenging enough. Now multiply that with 22 locations and you could have a potential nightmare if not executed right. This clearly was not the case for Caffé Concerto, as the business continues to grow. With the help of 3S POS… Read more »

Why putting the nation on a diet won’t solve the obesity crisis

By Gabriella Bittante, Policy Manager, UKHospitality  On the 6 March 2018 Public Health England (PHE) published its Calorie reduction: the scope and ambition for action report. The report highlighted overweight or obese boys and girls consume up to 500 and 290 excess calories each day respectively – suggesting the UK is well on the way… Read more »