Who is the British Hospitality Association?

We are the voice of the UK hospitality industry positively championing the interests of hotels, restaurants, catering establishments & holiday attractions. Much more than a lobbying organisation, we combine a powerful voice and clear agenda with real, tangible benefits.

With more than 100 years’ experience behind us, there’s not much we don’t know about hospitality and tourism. We go the extra mile to help our members prosper.

We engage with government, the media and the general public to raise awareness and keep the hospitality and tourism industry at the forefront of their minds.

We are proud to represent such a dynamic and exciting industry. Our influence is gaining momentum in line with our growing membership. The more members we have, the stronger our voice. And so everyone in our community of members and partners is very genuinely valued. Together we will continue to raise the perception and profile of British hospitality to world class status.

Our History

  • 1907: BHA is born, originally called the Incorporated Hotel Keepers Association
  • 1920: Merges with the Incorporated Association of Hotels and Restaurants, and takes on the new name
  • 1926: Changes name to the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Great Britain
  • 1948: Becomes the British Hotel and Restaurants Association
  • 1971: Merges with the Caterers Association and becomes British Hotels, Restaurant and Caterers’ Association of Great Britain
  • 1992: Re-named the British Hospitality Association
  • 2003: The Restaurant Association of Great Britain merges with the BHA. It retains its own identity as a trading division of the BHA

Our five core campaigns

Our agenda is clear. We have five core campaigns:

1. Inspiring the next generation
The creation of 300,000 new jobs in our industry by 2020

2. Facilitating access
Asking the government to improve the process, the
cost and the perception of visa access to the UK

3. Driving competitiveness
To be more competitive with the lower tourism VAT
regimes in Europe

4. Responsible hospitality
Helping our community to achieve new standards
in waste reduction, healthy and trusted food and
advising the government on how to reduce red tape
which costs money and slows down our businesses

5. Hospitality Bellwether
A new campaign to support our
members with topical consumer insight                                                                                                                     .