About BHA

The British Hospitality Association is the forum for leading businesses in the UK hospitality and tourism industry. We serve and represent over 46,500 private sector establishments. Our role is to promote the interests of operators, brands and owners across hotels, restaurants and food service, serviced apartments, clubs and visitor attractions. The British Hospitality Association shapes the future of hospitality and tourism as a driver for international competitiveness, economic growth and valuable careers – to ensure British hospitality and tourism is the best in the world. Working together with industry and government, we aim to deliver three goals:

  • competitive advantage for our country
  • sustainable growth for our industry
  • valuable new jobs for our people

The hospitality and tourism industry is a lynchpin of the UK economy, our fourth largest industry, employing 4.6 million people. Hospitality alone accounted for one in six of all new jobs created in the UK between 2010 and 2014. Over the past five years the industry has delivered 331,000 new jobs and is on track to deliver a further 100,000 new jobs by the end of the decade. It represents 10% of GDP, equivalent to £143 billion.

Our core campaigns

Our agenda is clear. We have five core campaigns:

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