APPG – All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy (APPG) aims to enhance the local economy by promoting measures and incentives, including a reduction of VAT on tourism, which would increase visitor numbers and investment in all parts of Britain and Northern Ireland.

The APPG is co-chaired by Nigel Huddleston MP & Margaret Ritchie MP and is supported by the BHA.

Margaret Ritchie MP, said: “The tourism industry is central to many sectors of the economy in Britain and Northern Ireland - in fact in some it can be the catalyst for economic growth and job creation. It provides enormous potential for growth and productivity.

“The APPG will focus on how we can enhance the UK's local economy by discussing measures and incentives such as a reduction in tourism VAT.  We have a real opportunity to boost tourism, and with the APPG's Cross Party support, I have renewed confidence that our voice can be heard across Parliament, in the Treasury and in wider Government circles.”

Nigel Huddleston MP, said: “The tourism industry is a crucial part of the UK economy and there is still much we can do to support it efficiently and effectively.

“We want to challenge the current perception of tourism in the UK by emphasising the many benefits that it provides to our economy.  Whilst we recognise and celebrate the success of London’s booming tourism industry, we aim to raise the profile of other tourist destinations across the UK, such as Mid Worcestershire.”

Officers of the APPG

Officers of the APPG make decisions about the APPG’s meetings and topics. They are elected by the other members of the APPG at the Annual General Meeting.

Co-Chairs: Margaret Ritchie MP (SDLP), Nigel Huddleston MP (Conservative)
Vice Chairs: Albert Owen MP (Labour), Dr Philippa Whitford (Scottish Nationalist Party), Mark Williams (Liberal Democrat), Caroline Lucas (Green), Sammy Wilson (DUP), Danny Kinahan (UUP), Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru)

Meeting Minutes

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy, co-chaired by Nigel Huddleston MP and Margaret Ritchie held its first Oral Evidence session as part of its inquiry intro apprenticeships and skills development in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Oral Evidence Session provided an opportunity for APPG members to question three leading organisations on issues facing the hospitality industry including; recruiting skilled employees, how to change the negative perception of the sector, skills development and the impact of the forthcoming Apprenticeship levy.

Read the minutes from APPG meeting - 13 September 2016

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Read the minutes from the AGM (PDF) - 7 July 2015


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