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Food Service Management Report 2015 

The British Hospitality Association’s latest report on Britain’s Food Service Management (FSM) sector shows that FSM businesses now serve more than four million customers each day, representing sales of £83.9bn - 42 per cent of total consumer expenditure on food, drink and catering in the UK.

The report outlines that the sector is expected to generate 10,000 new jobs in the next twelve months on top of the 268,000 currently employed by FSM companies. Respondents underlined expectations for growth in the demand for ‘street food’, healthy options and reduced sugar in meals served. Longer-term trends remain uncertain, in particular consumer demands of the millennial generation.


Backing the Future for Hospitality & Tourism

We need the UK government to make hospitality and tourism an economic priority, as other countries do – most notably China, the United States and across Europe. We need the UK government to make hospitality and tourism an economic priority, as other countries do – most notably China, the United States and across Europe.


Leading Through Uncertainty Report

“Leading through Uncertainty” is Heidrick & Struggles’ first survey of Chief Executive Officers of Britain’s leading hospitality companies in association with the British Hospitality Association. The report details views of leaders who between them are responsible for organisations with over £35 billion in sales and over 900,000 employees.

The Economic contribution of the UK hospitality industry

This report, prepared by Oxford Economics, uses the latest datasets to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive assessment of the economic contribution of the hospitality industry to the UK economy. It provides an update on our previous three reports, which were produced in 2010, 2011 and 2013.


Annual Report 2013 – 2014

Our vision is to champion the UK hospitality and tourism industry as the best in the world. We will do this by bringing together hospitality and tourism businesses with Government to deliver three clear aims: to secure valuable new jobs for our people, growth for our industry and competitive advantage for our country.


BHA Allergen Toolkit

New Allergen Regulations introduced by the EU say that from December 13th 2014 all UK food service providers will be obliged to accurately track, record and communicate to the public 14 of the most common foods to cause allergic reactions.

To support you, we’ve created a Guidance Toolkit and events designed to assist you in understanding and implementing the new Allergen Regulations and ultimately saving you money and time.  It is available for FREE to all BHA members.

BHA Allergen Toolkit


Food and Service Management Report 2014

The Food and Service Management (F&SM) sector is successful; it generates in excess of £4.25bn in turnover for the UK economy. This is more than double the turnover reported in the association’s 1993 Contract Catering Report. Beyond turnover, the F&SM industry is among the most economically and socially relevant industries in the UK and in 2013 is currently the provider of 131,600 career building jobs.

This report furnishes provides the critical facts on the industry’s financial success, and goes on to focus on a three dimensional picture of success and how this industry is achieving it. This year’s F&SM Report focuses on what success a post-recession world looks like and how the food service management industry has achieved it and continues to strive for more...


2014 Casual Dining Research results teaser Infographic

First time customers are key to growing your business - and the more you know about this audience, the easier it is to attract them. Nestlé Professional® has joined forces with the British Hospitality Association to help you find out more about this key audience.


Annual Report 2012 – 2013

We are living through one of the most critical and exciting times that our industry has ever seen. Despite difficult economic times, hospitality and tourism are bucking the national trend. We have delivered over a quarter of all new jobs over the previous two years.As an industry we are also looking to the future and to deliver our ambition to create even more new jobs.


The Agenda for 300,000 New Jobs

The Report titled The Agenda for 300,000 New Jobs provides the latest research showing how the hospitality and tourism industry is fuelling jobs growth in Britain, how it has moved up to 5th place overall in the World Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Rankings, but that it is at the bottom of this league table on price competitiveness. The Report indicates that 300,000 new jobs are possible by 2020 if government and industry work together.


Food and Service Management Survey 2012

This (2011) survey shows that half of the Forum’s members believe that both the healthcare and state education sectors are now more willing to consider outsourcing than before; significantly, perhaps, no member is suggesting that these sectors are less willing to outsource than before. This is a positive sign. Our accompanying report on outsourcing deals with this matter is greater detail.
But even if outsourcing becomes more widely accepted, the challenge of both these public sectors remains; both operate within such tight budgetary restraints that it is difficult for FSM companies to make swift inroads into these markets, particularly where cost is the overriding consideration. In contrast, the number of outsourced private hospitals and care homes, some of which operate on more realistic budgets, is increasing.

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Trends and Developments 2012

2012 also recorded a breakthrough in the number of international arrivals worldwide which reached 1 billion for the first time in history. The UNWTO forecasts continued growth, averaging some 43 million additional international trips per year. Much of this growth emanates from the rising incomes per capita in emerging economies. The more wealth people have, the more they want travel and enjoy the hospitality offered by international destinations. This trend bodes well for our industry in the UK. There is a real opportunity for export-led growth, which in turn can create new jobs and economic growth across the entire UK.

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Outsourcing 2012: Removing The Barriers for Catering and Facilities Management

The British Hospitality Association and The Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) UK & Ireland have combined forces to publish Outsourcing 2012: Removing The Barriers for Catering and Facilities Management. The aims are to provide a single voice to government with a series of clear recommendations and to support food and service management (FSM) companies’ participation in public sector contracts.

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Investment Readiness

In 2012, the British Hospitality Association (BHA) partnered with Santander, Guestline and Jones Lang La Salle, to deliver a series of seminars across every region of the United Kingdom, specifically for BHA members. The seminars focused upon ‘investment readiness’ in the hospitality sector with contributions from property, technology and financial perspectives.


Smart Regulation and Economic Growth Seizing the Tourism Opportunity Report

A report from the Tourism Regulation Taskforce to John Penrose MP, Minister for Tourism, Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

We believe that the removal of unnecessary red tape in the tourism and hospitality industry can make a real difference to the country’s economic recovery. Already the Government’s own Tourism Policy (March 2011) has acknowledged the huge contribution that tourism and hospitality make to the UK economy.




Annual Report 2011 – 2012

The association champions the interests of 200,000 businesses with 2.4 million employees, advancing the job-creating potential of hospitality and tourism throughout the United Kingdom, says the annual report of the British Hospitality Association.


Trends & Developments 2011

This edition of British Hospitality: Trends and Developments goes a long way towards achieving the aim of providing a valuable source of intelligence and data on which decisions about future policy can be based. The facts and figures it contains can be used by decision-makers to help drive the industry forward in order to achieve the BHA’s objective of creating 236,000 new jobs by 2015 and a further 275,000 by 2020.

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Hospitality: Driving Local Economies Report

The hospitality industry can create 475,000 jobs by 2020 if barriers to growth are removed, says a new report by Oxford Economics, Hospitality: Driving Local Economies, commissioned by the British Hospitality Association, which is being distributed to every MP, MEP, MSP and Welsh Assembly member.

The report, which identifies the hospitality industry’s contribution to each of the 406 local authorities throughout the country, says that the hospitality industry directly employs 2.4m people and contributes over £46 bn in wages and profits (Gross Value Added†) to local economies every year, but the high rate of VAT on accommodation and attractions makes UK tourism uncompetitive with the rest of Europe.



Health Works: a look inside eating-out

This report highlights the industry’s leadership in promoting healthier eating and includes results of a BHA survey covering some 10,000 establishments across the UK. A series of case studies has been published in the report, showcasing leadership in a number of hospitality companies, including initiatives to meet the government’s public health agenda as set out in the Responsibility Deal which was launched in March this year.


Trends & Developments 2010

This year, we have the benefit of a significant research project into the economic contribution of the industry. This was commissioned by the BHA and was undertaken by Oxford Economics, generously supported by a number of key suppliers - American Express, Barclays, LG Electronics, Nestlé Professional and Philips Lighting.
The key findings of this report, which appear on pages 6-9, re-emphasise in detail the enormous contribution that the hospitality industry makes to the country’s general economic and social prosperity and well-being This key document kick-starts the BHA’s leadership agenda and lays the base for all future action.

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Food and Service Management Survey 2010

This year and next will present an equally tough challenge as Britain climbs uncertainly out of recession. Unemployment will not disappear overnight, costs will continue to rise and the impact of the squeeze on public spending will be severe. Trading in 2010 into 2011 is likely to be even tougher than in 2009.
Confidence is difficult to measure but the results of this year’s survey make more welcome news than we might have expected at the same time last year. It is clear that FSM companies are looking to the future with a degree of confidence that belies the severity of the economic downturn.

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Creating Jobs in Britain: The Hospitality Economy Proposition

The BHA, with its members, has set a new agenda for 2011 – ’The Hospitality Economy Proposition’ which is detailed in this report. The publication outlines the BHA’s new objectives as well as discussing the creation of wealth, prosperity and jobs across Britain through the hospitality economy.

The BHA is grateful to American Express, LG Electronics, Nestle Professional and Philips Lighting for sponsoring this report.


Economic Contribution of the UK Hospitality Industry

This report, prepared by Oxford Economics for the British Hospitality Association, provides a comprehensive assessment of the economic contribution of the core UK hospitality industry to the wider UK economy.

The report identifies the various economic contributions that the hospitality industry makes to the wider UK economy; and provides scenario analysis of the potential future contribution of the hospitality economy under a range of different assumptions.