BHA responses to government consultations and inquiries

BHA Response to APPG for Tourism on Sharing Economy

Since 2007 online home sharing platforms have changed and expanded their activities considerably. The effects on the tourism industry are felt globally, as this expansion now includes
many aspects of traditional tourism and rental accommodation business, though ‘sharing’ is still frequently presented as being individual hosts renting their homes.


BHA Response on Digital Comparison Tools Study

The BHA has provided this leading industry response to the call from the Competitions and Markets Authority for evidence on how to ensure a fair online marketplace for both consumers and businesses who use Digital Comparison Tools.


BHA Response to the BIS Committee on Industrial Strategy

The ability of the UK hospitality and tourism industry to host business travellers, events and conventions will be essential to the UK economy post-Brexit, as it seeks to position itself as a venue for business and host for trade delegations.


BHA Response to the Soft Drinks Industry Levy Consultation

The BHA are calling for the Soft Drinks Industry levy to be replaced by a fairer, holistic initiative to encourage healthy eating and sugar reduction across multiple sectors.


BHA Response to Food-borne Illness Strategy

With over 100 years of expertise the BHA represents 40,000 establishments across the UK. We focus on the needs of every part of the hospitality sector, big and small, restaurants, catering and attractions, hotels, serviced apartments and all visitor accommodation, corporate hospitality and events, clubs, food and service management and leisure establishments. It is on behalf of the industry that we respond to the FSS Foodborne Illness Strategy Consultation.


BHA Response to Beef Burgers in Catering

BHA maintains that one of the biggest issues which is, as yet, unresolved,  that the FSA states that the draft guidance refers to Consumer Advisory Notices being required or as “best practice”. ~We are of the opinion that if food is safe for consumption, then a notice is not needed and it is not the position of business to educate the consumer on what or how they cook at home.




British Hospitality Association Response to Keeping Children Safe in Education Consultation

Our members fully recognise their responsibilities in ensuring that children are kept safe when at school and college. They apply current requirements with care and sincerity. However, the consequence of the application of these statutory requirements to groups, such as catering staff, will not achieve the declared intention and not add anything, and certainly not in proportion to the effort that will be required to ensure it is comprehensively applied. The BHA responds to the Keeping Children Safe in Education consultation as an organisation which represents members that provide support services extensively within education.




BHA Response to ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ Consultation

Business rates are a major cost for our hotel members, whose premises are generally valued on a turnover-based metric, and for our restaurant members, who more usually rent their premises. We were grateful for the opportunity to discuss the ‘Check, Challenge, Appeal’ proposals for England with DCLG and VOA officials and for the extension of time to make this response.




Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

The BHA appreciates the value of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) as a means of encouraging food business operators (FBOs) to improve and maintain high standards. However, several aspects of the scheme have been found to be lacking in fairness and consistency.




British Hospitality Association Budget 2016 Representations

The Treasury will be well aware of the case we have made for a reduction to 5 per cent in the rate of Value Added Tax on visitor accommodation and attractions, which, on calculations from the Treasury’s own model, would produce a net surplus for the Exchequer over 10 years of £3.9 billion, along with a £20 billion improvement in the UK’s balance of payments, along with 123,000 additional jobs. Budget 2016 provides an opportunity to make this long needed move.




British Hospitality Association Response to Gender Gap Consultation

Hospitality employs directly some 2.9 million people across the United Kingdom, of whom close to two thirds are women. Around half of the workforce works part-time. According to the industry’s Sector Skills Council, People1st, and based on 2012 data, only one hospitality business in 250 (0.4%) employs more than 250 people, but these businesses employ in total some 42 per cent of the workforce, so the impact of implementing section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 at the 250 employee level could be considerable in terms of the data required- see, below, our comments on the Gender Gap Consultation. Click here to read our submission to a follow-up Gender Gap Consultation.




Submission to the Business Innovation and Skills Committee – Digital Economy Inquiry

Further to oral evidence provided to the House of Commons Committee on the 12th January 2016 the BHA provided this supplementary evidence regarding the impact of professional landlords advertising short-term accommodation stays on “Sharing Economy” websites.  The submission provides data highlighting how these professional landlords are able to avoid regulation and fiscal responsibility, as well as the impact that this has on housing shortages for hospitality workers.



Promoting the tourism industry in Northern Ireland through the tax system

Northern Ireland Committee Inquiry: Promoting the tourism industry in Northern Ireland through the tax system British Hospitality Association — Written evidence This response is submitted on behalf of the British Hospitality Association which is the representative body for the UK hospitality and tourism industry, speaking on behalf of 40,000 hospitality and tourism establishments, including hotels, restaurants, catering and facilities management companies, attractions and apart-hotels in the UK. Working together with industry and government we aim to achieve three goals:

  • Competitive advantage for our country,
  • Sustainable growth for our industry,
  • and valuable new jobs for our people.



Intellectual Property Office consultation submission

Consultation on changes to Section 72 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (which permits the free public showing or playing of a film contained in a broadcast).




Online platforms and the EU Digital Single Market inquiry sumbission by the British Hospitality Association

This response is submitted on behalf of the British Hospitality Association which is a representative body for the UK hospitality and tourism industry, speaking on behalf of 40,000 hospitality and tourism establishments, including hotels, restaurants, catering and facilities management companies, attractions and apart-hotels in the UK.

The BHA has conducted two surveys with its members relevant to this call for evidence.




Evidence submission to Low Pay Commission:

As a highly price sensitive industry, the introduction of the National Living Wage will have a significant impact on the ability of most hospitality businesses to drive greater revenues by increasing price will be restricted. The BHA will to continue to analyse the potential impact of the Chancellor’s announcement and seek constructive dialogue with HM Treasury to drive further economic growth and employment.




BHA response to online platforms call for evidence

This Inquiry is welcomed by the BHA as a key step in considering how to regulate online commerce and how to implement regulation in the short term, particularly since reliance on existing legislation is not seen as an effective tool for addressing the issues raised, rapidly and cost effectively.


BHA Response to Tackling Exploitation Consultation

Click the link below to read BHA’s response to the Tackling Exploitation consultation.


BHA Response to Tips and Gratuities Consultation

The British Hospitality Association represents the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. We are grateful to the Department for the opportunity to discuss the consultation and related issues with officials.


Submission to Government inquiry into tourism

Evidence points to significant untapped potential for British Tourism. In 17 of the UK’s top 20 source markets, the UK’s share of outbound tourism has declined over the last 5 years. The UK has fallen to 8th in the UNWTO international tourism arrivals league, while France, Italy, Spain and Germany are all ahead of the UK. Domestic tourism also continues to be eroded. We want to remove the barriers for growth, improve our market share and drive forward our competitiveness.


The Triennial Review of VisitBritain and VisitEngland

It is the BHA’s view that the continued growth of the tourism industry in the UK needs a visionary marketing strategy that serves the interests of government and business. To deliver its ambitions it needs better funding and then strong coordination and execution of the strategy, policy and business opportunities.