7 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Invest in an Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant

Delivery is arguably the fastest growing market in the UK for food operators and noticeable changes in consumer behaviour make it an important commercial consideration for any business, big or small. Breaking into the delivery market doesn’t come without its challenges, however the efforts will be worthwhile. One of the best ways to tap into this dining trend is setting up an online ordering system. This can revolutionise your business and bring in an additional revenue stream, without having to compromise on other areas of the business.

Here are the key ‘takeaways’ (excuse the pun).

  1. Market Trends & Growth

If you’re still not convinced, let’s look at the figures. Experts predict the UK takeaway and food delivery market to boom to an astounding £11.2 billion over the next five years, a total growth of 13% by 2021[1]. Currently around 30% of delivery orders are made online and 14.7% through an app[2].

  1. Appeal to a Wider Audience

If your current EPOS or CRM system allows you to record customer spending habits and demographics, you can analyse your target audiences. Marketing your restaurant online will no doubt make it more appealing to a younger audience, who have big spending potential. Last year, on average 15% of UK adults ordered food delivery at least once a month and 18-34s are the largest contributors - over 25% ordering at least weekly[3].

  1. Flexible Solution to Stay Ahead

With so many restaurants offering delivery, you’ll need to keep up with the competitors. Online menus are very easy to manage and offer a flexible solution that can easily integrate with your current website and EPOS systems.

  1. Increased Accuracy & Kitchen Efficiency

Taking orders online will eliminate staff errors, which is critical for giving customers the best possible service. Integrate all your systems for maximum efficiency so when an order is placed online, it is received and synced with your EPOS, receipt is printed and the order displayed on your kitchen display system automatically.

  1. Powerful Analytics

A good system will come with powerful reporting tools give you the ability to create and view business report so you can make informed decisions about your menu, promotions and loyalty programmes.

  1. Better Customer Service & Loyalty

Online ordering with secure payment will improve customer experience as the process is much quicker than over the phone. As you can see your most loyal customers from the sales reports, you’ll be able to implement a loyalty programme to reward them and encourage return site visits.

  1. Reduced Business Expenses

A bespoke white-labelled online ordering platform is a better option if you want complete control over orders and zero commissions. This reduces your monthly business outgoings, thus allowing you to reinvest into other areas of the business.

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