How the hospitality sector can benefit from repairs and maintenance management software

With residential properties requiring an average of four repairs every year, you can imagine how many repairs we have to cope with in the hospitality sector on an annual basis. We can often sort out minor issues such as changing lightbulbs and unblocking loos with our own team.

The trouble is, when a hotel, pub or similar venue relies on being open to make money, they need repairs to be resolved quickly and effectively. This isn’t always the case when they handle the repairs themselves - the contractors they call out aren’t necessarily going to be the best-qualified, the most effective or the quickest at completing the job. This causes delays and harm to the business, not just in terms of income, but also reputation.

With this in mind, hospitality properties, like residential properties, can take advantage of the various proptech software solutions on the market to help them streamline their repairs and maintenance issues as and when they come in. Sharing exactly the right information is crucial, which is why the best systems are available in multiple languages and include icons and the ability to add pictures and videos. This allows the repair reporter to ensure that they are highlighting exactly the right thing, which will allow the report recipient - whether that’s the property manager, freeholder, leaseholder or somebody else - to take the correct action to resolve it first time.

The granularity of the proptech software is key, both in terms of location and type of repair. Being able to send a contractor directly to a specific location or ensuring that a lighting issue is assigned to a lighting specialist benefits all parties both in terms of the speed and cost of the repair. Additionally, compliance and health and safety have to be considered - all contractors to be assigned naturally must be qualified to work safely, and specialist software will help you track those relevant qualifications to ensure that contractors you assign are able to work safely as far as they and those around them are concerned. Tracking progress and invoicing for the repairs can also been effectively managed through these solutions.

One of the leading available repairs and maintenance proptech solutions in the residential sector that has recently entered the hospitality market is Fixflo. The company’s Managing Director, Rajeev Nayyar, said: “Residential lettings managers and agencies are reaping the benefits provided by proptech, especially with regard to repairs and maintenance management. From cost and time-saving to the strengthening of customer relationships, proptech’s positive effects are extremely wide-reaching, and this is something that the hospitality industry will begin seeing as this technology becomes more widely adopted throughout it.”

Having run my own restaurants previously, I did not have an in house maintenance team and often turned to the internet for contractors when those known to me were unavailable. The ability to work with a qualified group of specialists and obtain quotes immediately so as not to waste time trawling through search results would have been of great benefit to me at the time.

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