Nine London boroughs & seven EU cities focus on valuing food through TRiFOCAL

TRiFOCAL*, the city-wide pilot project aimed at helping Londoners reduce food waste while promoting healthy and sustainable eating and recycling of unavoidable food waste, has named nine pioneering London boroughs that will support the initiative over the next two years.

News of the nine boroughs was announced by Liz Goodwin, Chair of LWARB - which is working in partnership with WRAP as Resource London - and with Groundwork London to deliver the EU funded TRiFOCAL project.

The nine boroughs, which are based in North, South, East and West London, are:  Bexley, Croydon, Hackney, Hounslow, Islington, Lambeth, Merton, Sutton and Tower Hamlets.

Speaking at The London Conference on Thursday 16 March, Liz Goodwin said, “I want London to become the leading city that others look to for inspiration about how to address some of the pressures all cities are facing, and sustainable consumption and management of food is right at the top of the list. The TRiFOCAL project is an exciting opportunity to find solutions. It’s great to be working with WRAP and Groundwork London as well as nine London boroughs and a range of European cities. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve.”

The project will target households, schools, community groups, hospitality and food services businesses as well as large businesses in the boroughs through an integrated communications campaign later this year**. This will focus on raising awareness about the value of food – combining messaging about avoiding wasting food, healthy and sustainable eating and increasing recycling rates for unavoidable food waste both in the home and when eating out. There will also be London wide activity including engagement with large employers to raise awareness and a London harvest festival to celebrate the value of food.

This is the first time these core messages will be tailored and targeted simultaneously in a choreographed approach on this scale.

Successes within the nine London boroughs will be shared across other London boroughs to amplify their impact, while seven EU cities have joined the programme as ‘replication cities’. These will look to conduct similar initiatives within their own municipalities. They are Barcelona, Brussels, Burgas, Dublin, Milan, Oslo and Växjö.

Peter Maddox, Director, Government Programmes WRAP and Resource London board member said, “It’s very exciting to announce this phase of TRiFOCAL London with our nine partner boroughs. Having this scale of support will help us test, measure and understand how we can apply learnings from these pilots across our capital city, and beyond. We shall test different approaches combining the three core themes of reducing food waste, healthy and sustainable eating, and increasing food waste recycling. This will help people and businesses save money, and benefit the environment.”

The TRiFOCAL project seeks to raise awareness amongst those living in the capital, along with commuters and visitors to the city. It aims to prevent food waste by changing planning, shopping, storage and meal preparation habits.

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