Seven Samurai Chefs: Jason Shum reflects on his tour of Japan

My journey in Japan even though it was only a week, was so jam packed full of things that it is impossible to write down in a short paragraph. However, my highlights included witnessing the energy that is Tsukiji fish market at 4am, seeing blue fin tuna weighing in over 100kg sell for £20,000 pounds sure is a sight to behold. Being interviewed by 4 different press members in Toba sure blew my head up a little bit. Eating and drinking with the dignitaries of Toba and the Vice-governer of the Mie prefecture is a memory I'll never forget. A masterclass held by an award winning Chef Matsuura is a once in lifetime opportunity.  Learning how the age old tradition on how                                                       Katsuobushi is made and visiting a soy sauce factory run by 5 generations.


The food was beautifully presented wherever we went, especially the kaiseki dinners.Chum5chum3

Traditional, seasonal, flamboyant. Street food is in

abundance wherever we went, delicious and simple.

Another thing that blew me away the most was how hospitable Japanese people are, they would bend over backwards to do anything for us and do so with a smile.

I really enjoyed my trip to Japan, it's a shame that it was so short, however this is just a taster of what is the beginnings of a long love affair.

I just want to say a huge thank you to ANA, BHA, Mikitravel and everyone involved in making this once in a lifetime trip such a memorable experience. I will definitely be going back.


Seven Samurai Chefs finalist Jason Shum

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