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Boyes Turner LogoOur work environment has evolved from conversations around the water cooler to “Likes”, “Shares” and Tweets”. Businesses recognise the influence of social media and are looking for ways to maximize the benefits to grow their business, increase employee engagement and customer rapport.

There is no doubt that the increased use of social media in the workplace is a positive development: improved communication within the business, a platform to maximize and grow brand, a way to attract and develop talent, target marketing, maximised customer interaction and a chance to monitor preferences through the customer journey – all leading to increased productivity and profit.

All these positives are to be balanced with the risk of something going wrong.  An erroneous posting or tweet could have detrimental business implications.  It is therefore vital that organisations set out clearly what can and cannot be done in relation to social media to protect the business and customer experience as well as inform employees who may not always understand how things can go wrong with their use of social media – including private use -  and what misuse could lead to disciplinary action.

Legal advice is undoubtedly that every business should have a social media policy. We can help with that and go even further by providing your business with guides for your managers as to how to manage employees and social media activity, together with a guide for those employees whose job it is to use social media on behalf of the business.

We have put together a toolkit – the minimum stay out of jail card!

We recommend that policies be reviewed annually, and this is particularly the case for social media where the law and technology are ever changing.  The following toolkit comprises of:

  • Social Media Policy - this is relevant to all employees and should be made readily accessible. All employees should receive a copy of the same when starting with the company.  Click here to access the full policy.
  • Manager’s Guide - this is relevant to anyone with line management responsibility for staff, regardless of their level. It may be necessary for additional training on the risks surrounding social media for those with managerial responsibilities.  Click here to access the full guide.
  • An Employee Guide - Using Social Media on Behalf of the Business - this should be given to all employees who use social media as part of their job and their line managers. Click here to access the full guide.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media – an Employee Guide – this is a quick fire guide for everyone in your business about how to stay out of trouble when using social media at work or at home if the business or people connected with the business will potentially see what is posted. Click here to access the full guide .

Some general points to note:

  • The Policies contained in this toolkit are intended to highlight some of the main risks associated with Social Media. They are not intended to be a complete review of the law in this area.  If you would like further detailed information on any area covered please feel free to contact us.
  • Whilst we have tried to provide a guide that fits all BHA members, there will be nuances and differences that will mean that not all of the Policies will be applicable to you. In particular please review where we have included [square brackets] in the documents or highlighted yellow – these sections may need to be deleted or amended depending on your specific requirements.
  • Where we have written [business] you might prefer to include the name of your own business to assist the reader in understanding the policies.
  • There may be other terminology you would like to change but in so doing please do ensure you do not change the meaning of the point being made or even the purpose of the document. We can help if you are unsure.

How Boyes Turner can help further:


This toolkit is just a starting point and Boyes Turner can help to produce an organisational strategic social media policy which is the next step in your social media journey which would set out the strategic goals to be achieved by using social media and a clear path on a higher operational basis.  If that would be of interest to you, call us to discuss.


Training is also an important part of the protection you can provide yourself and we offer a 1 1/2 hour lunch time session for your managers on social media from an employment perspective for a fixed fee of £550 plus VAT for up to 20 delegates. We will come to your offices and provide the training and deal with questions. Our training is interactive, practical and commercial and will add value to your social media activities and ensure that the message of use and misuse is understood.


We are also presenting a webinar on social media on 19 May 2016 at 11am which deals with the HR and employment law issues around the use of social media in the work place. The webinar will also provide real time support for managers or employees in relation to SMS use as our webinars have a listen again facility. Let us know if you would be interested in this webinar on the email below and we will send the log in details to you.

For more information or support, please contact leisure&

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