Waste Misconceptions

“Tracking food waste takes too much time”, “a bin full of food waste will be smelly”, “food waste doesn't cost me that much money”.  Sound familiar…?

These are just some of the common waste misconceptions we’ve looked into in the third edition of Waste Not Want Not.

In a busy kitchen, it’s easy to overlook what exactly is going in the bin.  While waste may seem like an unavoidable and insignificant aspect of food service, the more you know about your waste, the better off your business will be environmentally and financially.

To find out how much time it actually takes to track your food waste, whether leftovers will really stink out your kitchen, as well as other solutions to your waste misconceptions, click here to download your free copy.

The British Hospitality Association in collaboration with Winnow and SWR is producing 10 mini-series to help hospitality businesses find innovative ways to reduce waste. We would love to hear about your waste concerns. Email us at policy@bha.org.uk

Waste misconceptions
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