Campylobacter strategy – Food Standards Agency (FSA)

  • Campylobacter is the top food safety priority – there are 500,000 cases each year, poultry is the leading cause (50.8%) and the biggest risk is likely linked to raw poultry.
  • The number of cases has failed to decline since 2010, and, as a result, the FSA has stepped up its involvement with the retail chains.
  • The FSA’s ask of the food service sector is simply the raising of awareness of risk and active prevention.

The FSA’s expectations of the industry are:

  • Recognition that the risk is lower when the freezing process is correctly utilised;
  • Promotion of cultures/attitudes of risk prevention;
  • Assurance of better practice and the implementation of reduction measures.

This area will be the focus of the FSA in the National Food Safety Week in June, and the BHA is working with the FSA on this.

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