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Recommended Hotels support independent hotels to increase sales, and thus profits, principally through the use of Online Travel Agents (OTA’s). OTA bookings continue to increase year on year, Recommended Hotels placed £18.5 million into 200 hotels in 2011, even with increased competition online due to the recession. Knowledge of how to increase these sales and having the time to do it are two important factors to get this right. Recommended Hotels work with quality independent hotels and venues, but are not a consortium or hotel group. Recommended Hotels are a proactive extension to a hotels own sales and marketing activities and in particular the internet, where more than 58% of hotel bedroom bookings now originate. Like all hoteliers, the Recommended Hotels team works 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring that our members on-line information is constantly accurate, up to date and ahead of competitors.

Recommended Hotels increased revenue of hotels that were already working with Online Travel Agents & RH by a further 52% in 2011. RH know what works to increase business from the OTA’s – Special Offers, Photography, Rates, Etc. Use of this knowledge along with the dedication of time ensures increase of business. Working more extranets and bedroom types will generate more direct business and incremental spend.

RH is more cost effective than using hotel staff to update OTA’s. In a number of cases RH has been able to reduce commission charges and/or obtain increased presence for hotels on OTA’s. Freeing up Hotel staff time from data inputting means they can concentrate on other areas of sales.

The Recommended Team have over 250+ years of hotel experience. 45 members of staff who are at the hotels beck and call. The RH office is open 7 days a week – on average 14 hours a day (7am-9pm Weekdays/9am- 9pm Weekends) working on the OTA’s. Having more “Clout”, as a major customer with the OTA’s helps when thing don’t work. Monthly “Close-out” reminders help hotels not to get into overbooking situations. Continuity works – No more training of staff on OTA’s to have them leave and start all over again.

At present RH work 50 extranets and the GDS that take hotels out to 350,000+ Internet sites and 750,000+ Booking Agents. Being in a collection of over 200+ independent hotels helps when under a banner like “Recommended Hotels”, it can infer the OTA is “Recommending” the hotel as well as being endorsed by RH. RH has built strong relationships with the OTA’s. Association with other independent hotels in the RH Collection Brochure & Website and RH advertising on OTA’s (See adverts) all helps in raising profile.

OTA’s don’t stand still, RH are at the forefront of trialling all new extranets and new features on existing OTA’s NOT relying on only known extranets and methods. RH has formulated the most efficient ways of rate manipulation of OTA’s and continually strives to make the systems ever more efficient. RH supply, minimum twice a week, a “snap shot” of what online hotel competitors are selling their bedrooms for to enable RH hoteliers to make informed judgments on rate strategy. Area and hotel specific statistics obtained from the OTA’s are shared with RH hotels to help with sales strategies. RH advise on when to increase commissions to OTA’s in order to obtain more business. Regular manipulation of text and photographs online helps keep the hotels “Fresh”.

Tried and tested business and sales ideas that work in RH Hotels are circulated to other RH hotels along with twice yearly visits and regular telephone contact by RH Senior Account Managers to discuss ideas. Staff rates at other RH Hotels are available and discounts and opportunities from preferred suppliers are FREE to RH members. Please call Martin Philips, MD,  to discuss your needs.

Address: Recommended Hotels Ltd Unit 4 Holmewood Business Park Chesterfield Road Holmewood Derbyshire S42 5US

Tel: 01246 852 089

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