Alex Polizzi returns to Channel 5 with a brand new series about Restaurants

Presenter and famous hospitality Alex Polizzi is currently looking for businesses to participate in a new series about restaurants which all have one thing in common; they feel they are not quite reaching their full potential. Perhaps it was someone’s dream to open a business and introduce their amazing food to the public but not enough people came through the door. Or it could be a business which has run out of ideas and it on the brink of going under. Maybe it’s thought the product is perfected but still not reaping rewards. It could be a new concept which simply hasn’t worked or perhaps the market got the wrong idea.

From staffing to menus, décor to hygiene, Alex and her team is on a quest to transform restaurants into successful and profitable ventures. It’s an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and guidance that could boost profitability while exposing your restaurant to new customers a nationwide audience of millions.

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