British Red Cross launches ‘A Saturday Night For London’ fundraising campaign to help victims of terror attacks 

The British Red Cross is urging people to come together during a Saturday Night for London to mark one week on from the London Bridge terror attacks and raise money for those affected.

The charity is working with organisations across the capital calling on people to take a Ride for London, eat a Dish for London and say Cheers for London to help raise money for the victims of the attacks and their families.

Restaurants – including those in the area of the attacks – will be donating money from a chosen dish; cafes, pubs and bars will ask patrons to donate the cost of their drink; and Uber is giving a pound for every journey taken on Saturday night.

The campaign is being backed by Borough Market, where the attack ended last weekend, and many of the restaurants and outlets in the area will be supporting the fundraising. Amy Lamé, the London’s night czar, said the drive would be a demonstration of the city’s “unity and resilience”.

All proceeds will go to the UK Solidarity Fund. This fund has been launched in response to the recent horrific events in London and Manchester. The funds will go to help those victims of terror attacks in need anywhere in the UK, in the first instance, in London.

A Saturday Night for London is so far being supported by:

  • Borough Market, the chair of which described the campaign as “a forceful reminder to those who sought to divide us”. Many of the outlets there will be taking part.
  • Uber is pledging to donate £1 for every trip taken in London this Saturday night (between 8pm and midnight). More than 1 million Uber rides are taken in the capital each week with Saturday night the busiest night of the week. Uber refunded all trips from the areas around the attacks last Saturday night. This weekend it will also encourage people to donate to the fund with a special pop up message in its app.
  • 120 pubs in the capital owned by Greene King Pubs will be holding collections for the fund, encouraging customers to say Cheers to London with a donation.
  • The chain Eat will be donating the price of an item on its menu to the fund, displaying posters in its stores encouraging people to choose its Dish for London.
  • Collections will be held at the production of Don Juan, starring David Tennant, at Wyndham's theatre in London.
  • People staying at home on Saturday can also Text UNITY to 70607 to donate £10

More supporters from the London Bridge area, across the capital and the country will be announced in the coming days.

The UK Solidarity Fund has seen strong support since it launched on Sunday, including:

  • Virgin Atlantic, who are doing on board collections and Virgin Holidays are collecting donations through their online page, symbolising London’s connection with the world.
  • Significant donations have been received from HSBC and Sage.
  • More than 15 national and London news outlets have donated free advertising space to promote the fund, and Westfield shopping centre has arranged for its digital billboards to publicise the appeal.

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross said:

“The attack in London Bridge and people enjoying a Saturday night out with friends was an attack on the spirit of London. We want to encourage people to come together and unite at this difficult time.

“The new UK Solidarity Fund will support victims of the attacks and their families, and provide a way for people to donate to help those affected in their time of need.

“We will do all we can to help the victims and their families, wherever they are and whoever they are, in keeping with the Red Cross principles of humanity, unity and neutrality.

“The events in our two great British cities in the last two weeks are shocking and horrifying.  We stand together with those affected.”

Donald Hyslop, Chair of Trustees at Borough Market said:

“Borough Market it not just a collection of stalls, restaurants and pubs; it is a community of people. Never has that been more apparent than it is now, in this darkest of hours. This community has been shaken to its core by Saturday’s horrific events, but bolstered by the love, togetherness and defiance of this vibrant, diverse city it will carry on doing what it has always done: celebrating the pleasures of good food and conversation.

“At Borough Market, we believe that the cooking and sharing of food has the power to unite people like nothing else, so for Londoners to be able to show their support for the victims and their families by meeting up to enjoy a meal and a drink will offer a forceful reminder to those who sought to divide us. By backing the Red Cross’s Saturday Night for London, we can all play our part. Last Saturday night ended horribly. Let’s ensure that this Saturday night brings at least a little solace.”

Amy Lamé, who was appointed the London night czar last year by the London mayor Sadiq Khan, said:

“London’s nightlife is its heart and soul. A Saturday night for London, a week after the terrible attacks at London Bridge, is a chance for people to show the unity and resilience of this great city and the generosity of Londoners in getting out and raising money to help the survivors, the victims and their families.

“Last Saturday night people were having a drink, a meal, or travelling through the area when the attack happened. We must continue our way of life, so this Saturday we are asking you to take a Ride for London, order a Dish for London, or say Cheers to London with a pint or a cup of tea as a way of raising money to help all those affected. It is a very fitting way to help.”

The UK Solidarity Fund will be distributed via the British Red Cross in accordance with the need and scale of human crisis caused by terror attacks in this country. With a separate fund currently focusing on the victims of the Manchester bombing it is anticipated that in the first instance the UK Solidarity Fund will help victims of Saturday’s attack in London.

The grants in London will be awarded by the London Emergencies Trust, mirroring a model that was successfully employed following the London Bombings in July 2005 and after the Westminster attack in March.

British Red Cross Disaster Relief Alliance partners Tesco, Aviva, Kingfisher and John Lewis Partnership have donated to the appeal through the charity’s disaster fund.

Donations can also be made by post to:

British Red Cross
UK Solidarity Fund
Paisley, PA1 1EA

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