CH&Co Group secures ISO business certifications across its entire estate

Bill Toner, CEO - CH&Co Group

Bill Toner, CEO - CH&Co Group

CH&Co Group has successfully completed its IMS (integrated management systems) audits and now boasts business certifications in quality management, environmental standards and health and safety across the entire CH&Co Group estate.

The in-depth, re-certification audit has secured ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for a further three years at every CH&Co Group site, including the brands Apostrophe, Host and Catermasters that were not previously included in the certification.

The external auditor was impressed at the business’ operational compliance with its management systems.  The report praised CH&Co Group for effectively embedding and improving upon its management system and for continuing to embrace the standards for their intended value to the business and its employees.

The areas assessed – from document and records control to management review, internal audits and corrective and preventive action – were described as ‘exceptionally well managed’ considering business activity, the size of the organisation, the number of employees and recent mergers and acquisitions. The assessor also commended CH&Co Group’s excellent approach to the audit, proclaiming it a ‘first class management system and a first class organisation’.

Bill Toner, chief executive of CH&Co Group, comments: “This was an incredibly important and particularly challenging IMS audit for the business. The re-certification process was in-depth and its expansion to include the brands Apostrophe, Host and Catermasters compounded this.  I congratulate everyone involved in the process for their fantastic success in retaining all of our business certifications across every brand and site within the business. The assessor’s comments were deservedly excellent.

“The fact that the entire CH&Co Group estate is covered by the certification is great news. It is testament to the robust management systems we have in place in quality management, environmental standards and health and safety.  These attributes are of great value and benefit to our business, our employees and our clients, and strengthen our position as an excellent company to work for and do business with.”

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