Euan’s Guide – The Disabled Access Review Website

As members of the hospitality and tourism industry, you will know better than anyone that good customer service is key to ensuring that your visitors have the best possible experience with you. For you, this usually means being one step ahead and anticipating your customer’s needs at all times. For many customers, that experience begins before they even set foot in your restaurant, hotel or attraction. Be it parents with small children, customers with allergies, or disabled people; you can bet that the information you provide online is having an impact on whether your potential customers decide to visit you or not.Euan_London_Skyline

Euan’s Guide is the disabled access and review site that aims to empower disabled people and their families and friends in the UK and beyond. With thousands of reviews and listings, the Euan’s Guide website and app offer people an alternative to spending hours making phone calls and browsing online before deciding to visit somewhere new. All of the reviews are submitted by disabled people and their families, friends and carers meaning that hundreds of businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector are being endorsed by independent and trusted reviews.

How does it work?

Businesses and venues appear on Euan’s Guide by one of two ways. Either, a person has reviewed a venue and submitted some pictures; or a business owner or manager has listed their venue on the site and provided their disabled access information. Reviewers rate venues out of five stars for their accessibility which covers everything from customer service to accessible toilets and disabled parking. These reviews are packed with useful information such as the best place to park, or the easiest entrance to use. Other users of the site can then browse reviews and listings to plan trips or pick somewhere new to visit, and this is aided by search and filter functions so that users can find specific types of venues including restaurants, cinemas and more.

Should I list?

Yes, you should! Listing on Euan’s Guide is free, and iEuan_Parliament_Originalt’s a fantastic way to show your potential customers that you have thought about your disabled access. Even if you don’t think you have great accessibility, be it because your venue is very small or your attraction is a centuries old castle with steep stairs, listing on Euan’s Guide is in itself one way to improve your accessibility. We asked in a survey how places could improve their disabled access, and 67% of people replied that simply providing information is enough to make a big difference.

List now to start getting recommended by customers and begin attracting new ones. Don’t forget that the Purple Pound is worth millions to the British economy and is a business opportunity not to be missed. Homelands Trust, who manage luxury accommodation in Fife, told us that they have had bookings and customers direct from Euan’s Guide and their endorsements have meant that they are currently the most-reviewed venue on the site. Find out more about listing a venue here, or go ahead and sign up now to get on your way to becoming accessible to as many people as possible.

What else can I do?

If you’ve decided to list, you can continue to take small steps to improve your disabled access by reading our ‘Top ten ways to make your venue more accessible’ guide. Don’t forget to share your new listing on both your own social media platforms and Euan’s Guide pages. Finally, get signed up for Disabled Access Day 2016 and join venues such as Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern and many more in raising awareness of disabled access! Find out more about this exciting event here.

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