Hotel industry network launches framework to mitigate risk of modern slavery

The Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network (the “Network”) has launched a framework to guide the hospitality sector in understanding and addressing modern slavery with their suppliers.

The Framework for Working with Suppliers: Mitigating Risk of Modern Slavery (“the Framework”), has been developed to provide industry specific guidance on how to identify risk factors and increase supply chain transparency. It will be unveiled at a collaborative event coordinated by Shiva Foundation and the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women in New York on 9th March 2018.

The hospitality sector employs 1 in 10 of the world’s workforce , it is therefore imperative that the industry takes strong action to address modern slavery. Supply chains are a particular risk for the hospitality industry due to a high turnover of goods and services. The outsourcing of recruitment also adds to the complexity and conceals issues of modern slavery.

In 2017, leading hoteliers came together, coordinated by Shiva Foundation, to establish the industry-wide Network to combat modern slavery in the UK hotel and hospitality industry. Members include Shiva Hotels, Hilton, Bespoke Hotels, and WGC Ltd. The British Hospitality Association and the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) have been supporting Network efforts, ensuring it reaches across the industry and that its activities run parallel to the work ITP is already doing with corporate brands. The more leading organisations join these efforts, the stronger they will become.

The Framework makes specific recommendations for brands, hotel owners and management companies based on best practice. Where appropriate, examples of good practice and additional resources have been signposted within this guidance. These examples reflect the current experiences of the Network in developing effective anti-slavery business initiatives. It lists examples from a wide range of external industries providing an overview of anti-slavery efforts aimed at increasing transparency. The Framework is the second product the Network produced in its first year of operation. Earlier in 2017, the Network launched a resource hub to help hoteliers who are working on their own anti-slavery efforts (

Meenal Sachdev, Director of Shiva Foundation said:
“The Network’s ethos and mission is simple. We are using what we know and who we know to combat this horrific crime. We are calling on all hotels to join this fight and become part of our Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network. By collaborating more often, more honestly and with more organisations, we can help drive real action.”

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