Local Authorities still sitting on rates relief meant for businesses most affected

In the Spring Budget this year the Chancellor announced that the Government would provide £300 million of rates relief to businesses most affected by the 2017 rates revaluation. However, local authorities have been slow to implement the relief and many have yet to even confirm the scheme that will determine who will be able to claim the rates reduction.

For those councils that have prepared a scheme for considering relief the criteria varies significantly. For example, Cheltenham, Reading, Sevenoaks, Wycombe and Kensington exclude businesses with more than one or two properties nationally, Leeds will not provide any relief to “large businesses”, Kingston Upon Thames excludes pubs, whilst Westminster and Liverpool will consider if the ratepayer is of benefit to the local community.

Ufi Ibrahim, the chief executive of the British Hospitality Association said:
“With significant brick-and-mortar assets, hospitality and tourism businesses have suffered disproportionately from business rate rises. The short-term £300 million fund for local authorities to provide discretionary relief to help small businesses with business rates is merely a band aid on a broken system. We remain extremely worried that some small hospitality businesses, facing an average 23% rates increase, will be forced out of business; particularly as back in August the response to our Freedom Of Information request from Valuation Office Agency found that 20,490 hospitality businesses were still awaiting the outcome of appeals from 2010. Local authorities need to act now and prioritise hospitality and tourism businesses facing severe circumstances before it is too late.”

David Shuttleworth, vice president of Altus Group, commented:

“The Government and local authorities should focus their efforts on providing the promised rate relief to businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry as soon as possible. It is appalling that 6 months after the announcement that relief would be made available, over 140 councils have yet to even determine which businesses will receive any financial assistance”

The delays in implementing rate relief and the varied, complicated schemes being adopted across the country are impacting those businesses in most need of assistance.

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