New European Tech Startup LivingPackets Launches Pilot International Delivery Service, Collaborates with London’s St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

London, 5 December 2017 - A game-changing international delivery start up LivingPackets has secured support of the five-star St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, part of Marriott International Inc, for the launch of its pilot express delivery service between London and Paris.

Cooperation with Marriott’s iconic hospitality brand marks a major breakthrough for the new European tech start-up, which uses existing traveller trips to deliver parcels within Europe in just a few hours, avoiding storage and transport-related costs as well as harmful CO2 emissions. It also recognises the growing need for the USD 150bn-worth global express delivery industry to be more efficient.

How It Works

LivingPackets uses a concept, which is still very new in the logistics & delivery industry, but is seen by its founders as the most obvious solution in the age of the Sharing Economy and P2P (peer-to-peer) services. It harnesses individual traveller networks and its patented “intelligent” bags (featuring a camera, shock and temperature sensors, real-time tracking, electronic lock, Bluetooth) without compromising a delivery’s safety and security.

A sender books a delivery via the LivingPackets mobile app, and deposits the item himself or asks for a pick up. The item is then delivered to a designated point near the international train terminal at Kings Cross St Pancras and is placed in a secure bag by the LivingPackets security operators (called “the Guardians”). A traveller participating in the LivingPackets network is automatically notified and will pick up the bag on his way to the platform. The process is fully automated and takes just a few hours from the pick-up to delivery.

A New Model: Profit-Sharing

Additionally, the LivingPackets’ profit sharing business model is in itself a novelty in the world of startup fundraising practices: the investors who support the business via crowdfunding receive 50% of the profits. To date, the startup has raised EUR 80k.

“We are very happy to be working with LivingPackets, whose innovative delivery model will now allow us to offer a Premium service to all our clients to deliver their belongings to Paris in just a few hours and at a reasonable price,” said Salvatore Bartolone, Head Concierge at St Pancras Renaissance.

“We are proud to be a trusted partner of St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, an iconic luxury brand in the European hospitality industry, and we are close to reaching agreements with other top-market industry names. We also see a huge demand for fast, affordable and reliable deliveries from online retailers and luxury brands. With no existing alternative to the established and aging international logistics practices, there is a lot of room for young and disruptive ‘sharing economy’ players like LivingPackets to step in,” said Marie Le Page, LivingPackets CEO in the UK.

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