The Global Restaurant Awards

grif-awards-2xThe Global Restaurant Awards have been created by Bench Events and The Caterer to celebrate the very best restaurant businesses. These inaugural awards will showcase and celebrate the brands and concepts that have revolutionised the world's culinary landscape, brought a new vibrancy to the worldwide food service and pushed boundaries to achieve perfection.

So if you have a restaurant which showcases excellence in innovation, sustainability, technology, marketing or design which sets you apart from your competitors, nominate your business now!

By nominating your restaurant or restaurant brand you will receive recognition on a global platform, benefit from extensive press coverage in the lead up to the awards and at the awards themselves, receive promotional and branding opportunities for your restaurant and be awarded a certificate to display to your customers of your achievement.

Nominate your restaurant or business for one or more of the following categories:

  • Sustainability Award - Recognising the restaurant group taking the most innovative steps towards trading with a commitment to its community and the environment.
  • International Growth Award (non-branded) - Recognising a restaurant group that has achieved the greatest success in internationalizing its portfolio of restaurants.
  • International Growth Award (branded) - Recognising the restaurant group that has achieved the greatest success in internationalizing a restaurant chain or franchise.
  • Investor Award - Giving recognition to an investor who, through their vision, leadership and market intelligence, has been instrumental in the evolution and expansion of the global F&B market.
  • Marketing Award - Recognising the most creative, innovative and effective harnessing of marketing communications by a restaurant group to promote its products, achieve brand relevance, and engage with and grow its customer base.
  • Regional Award - Recognises an outstanding foodservice operation in the GCC region.
  • Design Award - Recognises the stand-out restaurant design of the past 12 months, judged both operationally and aesthetically. Judges will look for innovation, both in terms of concept and roll-out.
  • New Concept Award - Recognising the standout multi-site restaurant concept of the past two years, in terms of creativity and business success. The winning concept will be an emerging brand that has been operating for no more than two years before the closing entry date, and which is showing impressive potential for international growth.
  • Hotel F&B Excellence Award - Recognising a food service concept that has put its food offer at the heart of its brand, and which demonstrates a commitment to provenance, seasonality, ethical sourcing and high quality product.
  • Food Excellence Award - Awarded to an individual hotel displaying exemplary food & beverage practice, in terms of offer and profitability.
  • Global Restaurateur of the Year - Awarded to an individual who has made a mark on the global food service stage, through running a portfolio of branded or non-branded outlets.
  • Legend Award - This award recognizes an individual responsible for a concept or concepts that have changed the face of global restaurant food service. The winner will have had a profound impact upon the industry they serve. They may have introduced an innovative new process, system or practice, or a new business model, that has disrupted global food service. Entrants may still be active in the restaurant sector, but need not necessarily be. They will have worked in the food service industry for at least twenty years.

All Nominations must be received by Friday 22 January 2016.

All shortlisted entries must be able to attend the Awards ceremony in Dubai on 16 March 2016 or send a senior representative to attend.

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