The UK’s water market is changing…

The UK’s water market is changing, and for the first time businesses will no longer be locked into contracts with their local suppliers. Starting April 2017, businesses and other non-household customers will be able to fully choose their water providers. 

Contract negotiations, which are set to begin in 2016, will allow businesses to switch suppliers and save money. Preparing for the open water market by understanding your current water usage can lead to savings of up to 55% and an average drop in annual water charges of 20%, as well as help you avoid expensive default tariffs.

Water is a scarce natural resource and a vital component of the hospitality industry. By grasping the opportunity a competitive water market will bring, the industry can not only mitigate costs, but also significantly reduce consumption and support a sustainable water future. Watch the video to learn how you can take action now and best prepare for changes.

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