General Election 2017 – Call for all BHA Members to engage their Members of Parliament

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On the 18th April the Prime Minister announced a snap General Election which will take place on Thursday 8th June. The ability to hold a general election is subject to a two-thirds vote of the House of Commons, which they are expected to vote on today (19 April).

As the fourth largest industry in the UK, employing as a whole 4.5 million people, our industry can be a powerful voice over the course of the election campaign. Hospitality and tourism makes a critical contribution to the UK economy and has a reputation as an open and welcoming destination for both tourists and business visitors. The BHA has published its Hospitality and Tourism Manifesto of policy recommendations, and looks forward to reviewing the party manifestos once published.

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association said: "The hospitality and tourism industry, the fourth largest in the UK, has depended on the 700,000 EU workers for much of its growth. We look forward to hearing from all parties how they propose to handle the transition to a more home grown workforce. We have already presented the government with a ten year plan to employ more UK workers, but a report we commissioned from KPMG states we need a minimum of 60,000 EU workers a year in the short term.

 "As the industry is facing a perfect storm in terms of the costs of operating – such a high Tourism VAT and Business Rate increases – we look forward to supporting all BHA members engage their local election candidates to secure broad cross-party support on these issues in the next Parliament.”

All BHA members are encouraged to contact their local Parliamentary Candidates and are asked contact to ask for BHA support and share information. The BHA's General Election Toolkit has been prepared to make it simple and extremely fast for our members to connect with their local Parliamentary Candidates. This includes a prepared draft letter to be sent which includes the BHA recommendations to the incoming Government.

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