Hospitality News ‘shines the spotlight on hospitality and tourism’

The Hospitality News programme, which premiered at yesterday’s Hospitality & Tourism Summit ‘shines a spotlight’ on the good news happening in the hospitality industry, says the programme Senior Producer Elizabeth Fisher-Robins.

Created in tandem with leading hoteliers, product manufacturers and hospitality specialists, the news programme, pioneered by ITN Productions and the British Hospitality Association, provides a mix of education and news content with interviews from leading politicians and leading industry commentators including the twelve Programme partners.

Senior Producer Elizabeth Fisher-Robins said:  “ITN Productions has been excited to work alongside the BHA in producing ‘Hospitality News’, helping to provide a voice for this vibrant and dynamic sector.  There’s so much good news happening in the hospitality and tourism industry right now that we felt, from the outset, that it’s important to shine the spotlight on the key issues; from the thousands of new jobs being created everyday; to the huge contribution to the UK economy; and the innovation that’s improving guest experiences.  In the run up to the election, there’s a lot happening politically, with discussions around maintaining growth for the future taking centre stage.  We’ve really enjoyed working with the BHA and some of the biggest names in the industry and hope the programme will help to showcase and champion the inspirational work of this industry.”

“Individuals and businesses in the UK hospitality sector have long been very open about what they do. This has helped to foster a strong culture for learning and innovation that continues to grow the sector and expand its influence on society. So it’s a great time to launch Hospitality News which promises to help raise the profile of the sector still further and to unify its voice. As a silent partner in the success of many of our favourite hospitality brands, we were delighted to take part in the film. It enabled us to highlight the importance of being able to objectively evaluate performance in order to stimulate continuous learning and improvement, as well as engaging with guests so that they are part of the same process. Julie MacDonald, who presents our film, showed a genuine interest in what we do and the impact it has, but particularly in the stories of individuals – such as the General Manager briefing their team, the Operations Manager striving for consistent performance across the brand, and (who could forget!) little Zara, who will be part of the next generation of guests.”  Steven Pike, Managing Director at HospitalityGEM


“Our film shines a spotlight on two very different merchants - a luxury hotel and an independent restaurant. Both are clearly passionate about their business and it's great to hear how our insights and resources are helping them succeed and thrive in the fast paced hospitality industry.” Mark Roper, VP & General Manager, Merchant Services UK at American Express


“It's good to have a channel like Hospitality News to get our story out there and to give a voice to so many of the great things that are happening across the hospitality industry. We're delighted with our short film as it captures the spirit of the work that we're doing within Whitbread, and especially Premier Inn, to get young and unemployed people into work and shares in a genuine way the very real difference a worthwhile job can make to someone”.Anna Glover, Communications Director at Whitbread


“When we were asked to take part in this film, it took us about two seconds to realise what a great opportunity it was.We had a simple message to get across to young people: why not make your social life a career for life?


You get to spend to time with a group of people who become much more than just work colleagues, they become your family.  It’s fun and at the end of the day you’re making people happy for a living.

Millions of people take a part time job in restaurants and pubs to make some extra money. But then they fall in love with their job and find themselves running a million pound business and learning extremely valuable business skills such as sales, leadership and businesses and financial controls.


This industry is worth billions and it’s continuing to grow. There are thousands of career opportunities and we should be regarded as a first career choice for people who want a career in management. They can learn, earn a good salary, a bonus and take advantage of the benefits and endless opportunities that only a large organisation like M&B can offer.


We loved the idea of a News at Ten style programme. The segments are short and snappy and using a reporter makes the content very objective. Working with Louisa Preston, an experienced news reporter, felt very reassuring as she does this sort of thing all the time and knew how to relax the people she was interviewing.


Both Louise Smith (a 24 year old general manager who was a waitress just three years ago) and Louisa Hurrell (who is 19 and on M&B’s Management Development Apprenticeship programme) were understandably a bit nervous about being filmed.  But they did a brilliant job and we’re very proud of them. The boss of course does this all the time!We want people to watch our segment and think: “That’s exactly what I want.  I love restaurants and pubs and I want a serious career.” Well you can have both!Jenny Parry Head of Corporate Communications at Mitchells & Butlers


“The ITN and BHA Hospitality film gives P&G Professional another opportunity to talk to the hospitality industry about our Trusted, Simple and Effective brands. We welcome any opportunity to engage with our customers and we hope that this video provides them with some useful information and background to support their business.” Matt LashmarP&G Professional Commercial Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa

“We were really excited about the film and it was a great experience to have the ITN crew on campus. We are proud to be part of the launch of the “Hospitality News” programme which is a chance to give a voice to the Hospitality and Tourism industry within and outside the sector.  As the first Swiss hospitality institute set in a British university this is a good opportunity for Glion to introduce its campus in London. We are considered as one of the best Hospitality Schools in the world and it was really important for us to demonstrate that we are located in one of the most important financial and business hubs in the world in order to offer our students a fantastic environment to learn, thrive and build a global career.” Karine Fischer, Marketing Manager at Glion Institute of Higher Education, London


“Hearing the passion behind the voices of those speaking about Best Western Hotels GB was truly inspiring. It is not just about our guests having a memorable stay but the people who own, work in and work for the hotels, really enjoying and benefiting from the Best Western brand. And now we have captured it all on film!” Robyn GreenacrePR Manager at Best Western Hotels GB  

“It was an absolute thrill to work with ITN on the Hospitality News project. We wanted the film to focus on our wonderful team members who are committed to delivering a fantastic service to our clients. Our teams usually work in the back-of-house or during the night but they are the people who make a difference to our clients and to us as a company. The film captures this brilliantly and we are very thankful to the production team for this. We also got a chance to be part of the exciting world of filming and were amazed at the amount of hard work that goes into producing quality documentaries.” Vicky Chhabria, Training Compliance Manager at ACT Clean


BaxterStorey are delighted to be involved in the Hospitality News programme.  We are always keen to showcase our rising stars; we are exceptionally proud of the people who work for us and try to demonstrate this by putting great effort in to creating the most appropriate type of training for each of them.


The team loved being involved in the filming and the insight it gave in to the world of journalism – let’s hope they don’t fancy a career change because they were all pretty fabulous on camera! Matt Thomas, Regional Managing Director, BaxterStorey

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