Managing Your Food Surplus

cover surplusWith back to back festivities leading up to Christmas, December is by far the busiest month for the hospitality industry. Restaurants can see sales increase by 25% in the final week of the month and need to plan and place orders to accommodate this in advance.

Catering for large numbers generally results in more waste. Anticipating actual number of guests isn’t easy with factors like weather playing a part.

Some of this waste is unavoidable; however there are some steps you can take to keep the avoidable elements to a minimum.

In part 4 of our Waste Not Want Not mini-series Specialist Waste Recycling has worked with The British Hospitality Association and Winnow Solutions to provide tips for managing and minimising food waste - or rather food surplus - and the associated costs  during this busy time of year.

There is always going to be a surplus in some shape or form whether that is over production at large staff parties or seasonal food which must be consumed within a short time frame, but there are ways of dealing with this responsibly by redistribution, as Chris Wilkie from PlanZ Heroes explains in our guide.

If you would like any further advice relating to the prevention or management of waste, we are here to help. Please contact or Jane Dennyson at

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