Quick wins to save money

Guide 1 pictureWaste Not, Want Not Series Launch

The British Hospitality Association, SWR and Winnow Solutions have recently collaborated to produce a 10 part mini-series on how to reduce businesses waste.

With the ever-rising cost of waste disposal, the first instalment in this mini-series published today looks at the different ways you can save by taking out the trash. We will guide you through some simple steps that will help save the pennies, leading to pounds in your pocket. Check out the first infographic guide on how to save money in your business here.

Having a responsible business is not only critical for financial savings, but also reputational and competitive advantage. After all customers are increasingly interested in sustainability, which is a great thing for UK Hospitality.

The hospitality industry is increasingly playing its part in reducing waste, and in particular food waste. With the upcoming Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA) target of a reduction of food packaging waste by 5% and sending 70% of food waste for anaerobic digestion by December 2015, we are more than ever in support of the pledge made by BHA Chief Executive Ufi Ibrahim at the official HaFSA launch in 2012:

“The BHA is committed to working in partnership with government supporting its aim to reduce waste from food and associated packaging on a voluntary basis in hospitality and foodservice businesses. The hospitality industry and its supply chain have already made significant progress in improving its environmental performance and we are pleased to be working with DEFRA, the Devolved Administrations and WRAP on this long-term journey to increase waste prevention and recycling rates.”

The BHA has been seeking ways to encourage businesses to cut waste which is why we have created a partnership with SWR and Winnow Solutions. SWR is an innovative waste management company which creates tailored waste management services for hospitality businesses helping businesses improve their environmental performance, and Winnow Solutions provide a service for busy kitchens which can help cut food waste in half by making it quick and easy to record exactly what is being wasted through a smart meter.

Keep checking our website and social media pages to stay up to date on great tips to reducing your business waste.

We are here to help, if you would like to find out more information on reducing waste, or any other sustainability issue affecting your business, please contact our Policy Manager, Lucy Aldrich-Smith – Lucy@bha.org.uk

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