Response to Government Action on Tipping Practices by the BHA

Ufi Ibrahim CEO of the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim
CEO of the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of The British Hospitality Association (BHA) – which represents over 40,000 hospitality establishments in the UK has welcomed the government’s new consultation to bring greater transparency to tipping for workers and consumers. Ms Ibrahim said: "Transparency is precisely what we asked the government to consider. Customers should be able to reward good service and know where their money ends up and how much of it goes to the staff."

“Over the coming few weeks, we will convene a series of meetings with hospitality business leaders across the UK and conduct our own impact assessment, to deliver a unified and robust response to inform the government’s decision making process”.

Previously, during the Governments ‘call for evidence’ The British Hospitality Association asked Business Secretary Sajid Javid to make it a legal requirement for restaurants to tell customers how tips and service charges are distributed among staff.

Ufi Ibrahim continued: “Many restaurant customers struggle to understand the difference between a tip and a service charge. What’s more they aren’t always what happens to the extra money they leave at the end of a meal. We believe restaurants should have to provide a written notice explaining exactly what happens to service charges and tips.”

read more: BHA calls for new law on tipping and service charges and Tipping transparency blog; also find out more about the BHA Code of Practice for Tips and Service Charges here.


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