The Caterer and BHA join forces to share industry expertise

Two of the biggest names in hospitality are joining forces in a new partnership that will create a unique resource for everyone in the industry.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) and The Caterer will pool their knowledge, expertise, tailor-made services and reach to help thousands of operators thrive and grow in a complex and closely scrutinised environment.

In a sector whose growth shows no sign of slowing, everyone working in hospitality needs quick access to information in order to continually improve and drive profitability.

Both organisations have a proud history of championing the industry from lobbying to bringing people together to celebrate success and share ideas.

From April the BHA will regularly publish articles to inform businesses on policy reform, regulation and market intelligence in The Caterer magazine and on the website,

In addition, all new BHA members will receive an annual subscription to The Caterer – worth £139 – and will also get reduced rates for conferences and awards, in addition to all the savings and services that form BHA's membership proposition.

BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim (pictured) said: “The partnership between the industry's leading advocate and leading media network will ensure unrivalled connectivity for businesses and keep them informed on changes affecting the market in a timely manner.

“Hospitality businesses face ever growing complexity and a fast evolving, highly competitive market. Access to timely and accurate information will aid hospitality businesses in improving performance and driving greater returns on investment. The BHA and The Caterer partnership will also help businesses navigate the cluttered information landscape and equip them to cut right through to credible and reputable sources, thereby mitigating unnecessary risk.”

The hospitality industry is the fourth largest employer in the UK and given the right policy framework, the industry can contribute a further 100,000 jobs by 2020.

The association represents 40,000 business establishments and its members enjoy a wide range of benefits including exclusive access to specialist advice from some of the leading experts in their field ranging from digital to employment legislation and health and safety.

Members also get big savings on essential services, which the BHA has secured through its bargaining power with the very best providers. Savings can easily exceed the cost to join.


To sign up for this exclusive offer and BHA membership go to

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