Things bar tenders hate

bar tender image
  • Learn the art of non-verbal communication.  A good bartender can tell you the order his or customers arrived and who’s next in the queue.  No need, then, to frantically wave or shout when you’re waiting to order a drink.  Subtle body language is the key
  • Indecision is bad.  It might sound like common sense but don’t go to the bar until you know what you want to drink.  Also, if you’re in a group order all the drinks at one time rather than in dribs and drabs
  • Be mindful of your location.  Wine drinkers with a sophisticated palette might be better placed choosing a G&T when drinking in the local boozer where ‘red’ or ‘white’ is the extent of the wine menu
  • Know what you’re ordering.  If you’ve read about a new drink on twitter or a friend posted a picture on snapchat, be sure you know what it’s called and what’s in it.  There’s nothing more frustrating to a bartender than a customer who doesn’t really understanding what they’re asking for
  • If you’re flying solo and you don’t have cash, set up a tab so you can pay for everything at once rather than paying drink by drink
  • Know your limits.  If you’re feeling worse for wear, call it a night and head home.  There’s nothing more humiliating – for you and the bartender – than being thrown out of a bar
  • If you’ve received good service remember to tip.  It’s basic good manners