Top 10 tips to get more tips!

  • Take pride in what you do and give it your very best shot.  If you genuinely enjoy your job and have a great attitude it will shine through and help you to earn bigger tips
  • Appearances count.  Always make sure your uniform is clean and ironed and you look and smell nice.  Long hair should be brushed and tied back.  If you smell like cigarette smoke or your uniform is dirty it will turn people off
  • Think ahead and anticipate what your customer might need.  If they order fries bring ketchup, mayonnaise and salt.  If they have children, bring extra napkins.  A great waiter gets inside the customer’s mind
  • According to, psychological studies show that you will earn more tips if you repeat the order of each guest exactly (not paraphrased).  Your customers will then unconsciously think that you are similar to them and it will help to make a connection
  • Pay close attention to your regulars.  If you need to, keep a note book in your pocket listing allergies or favourite drinks.  You’ll really stand out and they’ll remember you
  • Use your common sense.  There’s a fine line between attentive and annoying.  It’s great to check up on your customer if they’ve finished their meal or drink, but if they’re deep in conversation and don’t look like they need anything it’s probably best not to interrupt
  • Know your menu.  It might sound basic but become an expert on your product.  If you know what you’re selling and how it tastes your customer is far more likely to take your advice.  Pay particular attention to specials and dish of the day.  A waiter who doesn’t know what’s available looks like they don’t care
  • Maintain eye contact with your customers so they know that they have your complete undivided attention
  • Manners make a difference.  Please and thankyous are common courtesy
  • Honesty counts.  If you make a genuine mistake like bringing the wrong drink take responsibility and apologise.  The customer will respect you more and is likely to give you the opportunity to make amends and prove that you are worthy of a tip