Restaurant & Bar Design Talks

Cabana-Brixton-11The first Restaurant & Bar Design Talks of 2016 will be held at Cabana (Brixton), which has been designed by Michaelis Boyd. The talks will be held on the 24th February 2016 and will be hosted by Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Founder Marco Rebora, who will be in conversation with the Designer of the project Alex Michaelis (Co-Founder, Michaelis Boyd) and Co-Founder of Cabana, David Ponte. Each of whom will discuss the brief, challenges and results of this amazing Brazilian themed restaurant in the heart of Brixton.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Talks program

Restaurant & Bar Design organise quarterly Talks at innovative food and beverage spaces. The talks showcase the design of amazing food & beverage spaces in the UK and internationally with discussions by both the designer and their client. The events are attended by the region’s most influential designers, architects, hospitality operators and media.

"The Restaurant and Bar Design Talks in the UK and abroad offered me a brilliant opportunity to personally make new contacts in the hospitality industry."

Steve La Bouchardiere, MD, DesignLSM 

"The Talk was a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends in hospitality. I was delighted to meet such a diverse group of attendees from design principles, owners, operators and brand ambassadors."

Tim Mutton, Founder, Blacksheep

"We have supported the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards for 5 years and have benefited tremendously from introductions and chances to meet key players at the various events."

Simon Cotton, Development Director, Breezefree

Other Restaurant & Bar Design Talks for 2016 will be held at The German Gymnasium, London (Conran & Partners) and Nando’s, Harrogate (STAC Architecture).

Open to architects, designers and hospitality operators, the Cabana talk is strictly RSVP. Should you wish to attend, please email Marco.



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