Two-day course in Hotel Revenue Management

1Why attend our course?
Our two-day course in Hotel Revenue Management: Pricing, Marketing and Distribution will broaden your understanding of Revenue Management, promising some hard work, fun interactive exercises, as well as opportunities to network. Attendees will apply their learning by taking part in a competitive web based simulation, responding to business situations, and using market intelligence to make decisions throughout a year of trading. The course will wrap up with the analysis of ‘big data’ together with discussions on the future trends in Revenue Management.
"Excellent course and very useful for current and aspiring revenue managers. A really rewarding 2 days with some great ideas to bring back to the business"
You will find yourself in a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere of interactive discussions, and practical workshops.

What are the key learning outcomes?
• Get a better understanding of strategic decision making in a hotel environment and the impact on business performance, having gained a broad insight into the day to day role of a hotel manager.
• Gain knowledge in the future of revenue management and the trends around management of ‘big data.’

Who is the course for?
The course is designed for those who are looking for a move into Revenue Management, or to be able to contribute more to this function in an existing role. Typically attendees on the course will be from front office, reservations, sales and marketing or other supporting roles.
Early-bird booking rates are available now. For more information and to book, please follow the LINK.

If you have any questions regarding this event please email
or phone 01483 683780.

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