How much does it cost?

It is free for BHA members to join the Primary Authority scheme but you do need to opt-in and sign up online.

A Primary Authority is entitled to recover its costs for developing and providing advice, and for other work that it does to support partnerships under the scheme. The BHA pays for such Assured Advice, and intends to keep on-going costs to a minimum via careful filtering of queries through the BHA office first. We believe that many of the issues raised by members can be resolved by the BHA team first, with only brief discussions with Cornwall Council (for which they would not charge).

If one of our members requires help with guidance or advice which does not exist and costs may escalate, we will enter into discussions to determine whether this is likely to benefit other members, and if not we would ask that business to consider whether they would be prepared to pay or contribute in order to make the necessary progress.

Cornwall Council has agreed that it will not undertake any work for which it will charge unless it has been explicitly agreed with the BHA.

Primary authority sign up


Gaby Lisa