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APPG for the Visitor Economy

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Visitor Economy is to launch an inquiry into the impact of the digital economy. The inquiry which will start in October after summer recess will take expert evidence on the impact of digital economy on the industry with a focus on the sharing economy, online reviews sites and online… Read more »


BHA responds to ONS unemployment figures

Ufi Ibrahim, the chief executive of the British Hospitality Association said: “With UK unemployment at its lowest since 1975 it is crucial that the UK continues to have access to European workers after Brexit. Hospitality and tourism is the fourth largest industry in the UK employing 4.6 million people, and since 2010 has created 1… Read more »


BHA comments on the Taylor Review

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association, which represents 46,000 businesses in hospitality and tourism, said: “We are pleased that the Taylor Review has recognised that zero hour contracts are welcomed by many workers as well as employers for their flexibility. The review talks of minimum wage increases for people on zero hour… Read more »

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Hospitality could create more than 500,000 new jobs in the next five years

The hospitality industry’s contribution to the UK economy has grown faster than any other sector since the economic downturn in 2008 and new research predicts that over 500,000 new jobs could be created in hospitality in the next five years. Labour productivity in the sector has grown at more than double the growth rate of… Read more »


BHA forms strategic partnership with Flexy to support 10-year employment strategy

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has announced a new partnership with Flexy, to support their 10-year staffing strategy. The BHA’s 10-year plan outlines several core areas of focus to minimise the potential employment impact that the UK leaving the EU will have on staffing levels within the hospitality sector. Flexy will work in partnership with… Read more »

Cyber attack

BHA comments on cybercrime

Commenting on cybercrime Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA, said: “There are over 200,000 hospitality and tourism businesses operating in the UK and 97% of these are SMEs employing fewer than 50 people. Operating in today’s highly volatile and uncertain environment, these SMEs are having to keep pace with constant change in one of… Read more »

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BHA comments on the Prime Minister’s offer of ‘settled status’

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA, said: “The Prime Minister’s offer of ‘settled status’ will be a relief to the hundreds of thousands of eligible Europeans working in the hospitality and tourism industry. The BHA recently presented a plan to the government outlining how the industry would recruit more UK workers and to reduce… Read more »

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BHA and Cut Tourism VAT Campaign Chairman responds to Conservative-DUP deal

In response to the announcement that as part of the Conservative-DUP deal, a detailed consultative report will be commissioned into the impact of Tourism VAT on Northern Ireland, Dermot King, Chairman of the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT, says: “The commitment to consult on the impact of Tourism VAT in the DUP-Conservative deal shows the… Read more »


BHA responds to Queen’s Speech

In a pared-back Queen’s Speech on 21 June, Theresa May’s Government set out its legislative agenda for the next two years. The speech focused on Britain’s future outside the European Union with a focus on industries such as agriculture and fishing, along with the Great Repeal Bill and an Immigration Bill. A Travel Protection Bill… Read more »