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BWS LogoBusinesswise Solutions is a market-leading energy specialist, helping to deliver significant savings to large and multi-site hospitality businesses.

We work in partnership with clients to ensure improvements in the procurement and management of their energy, drive down utility costs across their full portfolio of properties, provide a complete business auditing service and manage water spend following April’s deregulation of the markets.

Businesses operating within the hospitality industry are under increasing pressure to control their costs and deliver a value for money service, while at the same time remaining competitive and sustainable.

Utilities such as energy and water represent the industry’s highest spend areas; yet with careful management hoteliers can improve competitiveness and prevent operational costs spiraling out of control.

Businesswise Solutions provides a total utility management solution to help businesses in the sector identify, reduce and manage key cost drivers within your business.

Our multi-utility management portal UTILITYi equips clients with the real-time information they need to access and analyze their consumption and spend, with the ability to monitor and track exceptions.

Our auditing team takes an in-depth look into existing portfolios, seeking to identify and prioritise areas where consumption may be reduced and, more importantly, presenting the next steps required to investigate those areas more thoroughly; in particular assessing the cost/benefits of each opportunity.

What we offer:

  • Complete energy procurement service
  • Access to energy management portal UTILITYi
  • Energy efficiency audits and support
  • Bill validation and reporting
  • Water buying group and management agreements
  • Dedicated support for new connections
  • Full account management

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Phone: 0161 694 9132.