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Powerful Allies has one clear mission in mind; to negotiate far lower electricity and gas rates for our clients than they can achieve directly or through any other broker.

This simple, yet hard fought, strategy has made Powerful Allies one of the fastest growing independent energy brokers in the UK and Europe. Many British Hospitality Association Members across all regions and of all sizes have already seen the benefit of this buying philosophy, and we are delighted to report exceedingly high levels of customer satisfaction. You can expect nothing less.

And the secret to achieving such low rates? Very large buying volumes, very low margins, and a determination to deliver what we promise, always.

We can demonstrate this buying power very quickly and easily, and of course there is no obligation to contract through us unless we achieve a clear saving. Which we will do!

Just call me, James Robson, on 0845 319 1322 or email jamesrobson@powerfulallies.com.  As a Board Director of Powerful Allies, I will personally oversee your enquiry, and will also arrange a meeting to explain the process, if you wish. You need provide very little information, we will do the rest.

Please look at our client list on www.powerfulallies.com/clients to see the calibre of our work; this is why all Members are promised a VIP service. You are the best in your sector, and we believe we are the best in ours.

Testimonial from John Firrell of Considerate Hoteliers Association.

“From time to time one comes across a company which has an immediate impact; you like the people who represent the company and you like what they do, and indeed what they can do for you – quite important really!

Such a company is Powerful Allies. They term themselves Premier Business Energy Partners and their job is to obtain the best possible energy deal for their clients. In that sense they are not unique but where they excel is the way they do business and the personal quality of the directors involved.

James Robson and Charlie Barker are already helping several of our members, and they work generally with the very best of clients, so Considerate Hotelier members are an ideal fit. And because they are seasoned veterans, i.e. not in the first bloom of youth, they have the depth of knowledge to resolve all energy related issues, provide clear strategy and propose intelligent energy buying solutions that will undoubtedly save you money. www.powerfulallies.com will tell you more. As you will see, they have very strong credentials in the Hospitality sector.

It is a breath of fresh air, in a world of impersonal call centres, to have a personal, humorous and helpful contact to sort out the mysteries posed by the energy and water utility industries.  So we do not feel as if we are speaking in foreign tongues when discussing our particular requirements.

It may well be that you do not at the moment require services such as they offer, (James does strongly advise the earliest possible review in all cases to avoid lost opportunities) in which case I will shut up; but please do bear them in mind for the future. It is possible Charlie will give you a call to introduce himself, so you will at least know who and where they are. It is of course up to you whether you take the matter further. All I will say is that if you do invite them to help; I suspect like me you will not be disappointed.

Considerate Hoteliers do not recommend people lightly but we like the cut of Powerful Allies’ jib. I hope you do also”.


James Robson


T: 0845 319 1322