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Procter & Gamble Professional™ is the Away-From-Home division of Procter & Gamble, providing key decision makers with superior products and solutions designed to help their businesses thrive, and make ‘every experience count’. Leveraging P&G's scale, trusted brands and consumer understanding we meet business needs for foodservice, building, cleaning and maintenance, education, hospitality, and care home industries.

First impressions and lasting experiences are critical, and a top priority to make guests and residents feel at home. We help our business partners apply innovative technology to the science of commercial cleaning. Our brand names - Ariel®, Lenor®, Fairy®, Flash® and Febreze® Professional - are your guarantee and our professional systems are trusted, simple and effective!

Our comprehensive product range offers solutions for all your hospitality cleaning needs, in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and common areas.

Laundry Solutions:
P&G Professional offers manual-dosed laundry solutions and auto-dosed laundry systems to best serve your business needs. Manual dose products are available in detergent and softeners, keeping fabrics bright and stain free, delivering the softness and freshness expected. The Ariel Professional System is the P&G Professional auto-dose laundry solution and contains deep cleaning technology, leaving behind nothing but Ariel’s impeccable 1 Wash Clean.

Bathroom Solutions:
P&G Professional offers products that help to maintain a clean and odour-free appearance. Creating safe, healthy environments start with disinfection and P&G Professional’s products get the job done on any surface from sink to toilet. Products have been designed to keep bathrooms germ free, and are able to tackle mould and mildew with ease.

Kitchen Solutions:
To help kitchens follow the guidelines for cleaning and disinfection, P&G Professional products work to achieve a safe environment for food prep, customers and staff. Fairy Professional in both manual and auto dilution forms, produce spotless dishes with ease. Choosing effective products is fundamental in preventing the spread of illness causing bacteria while degreasers maintaining both range hoods and ovens.

Front of House & Room Solutions:
Interior surfaces are often the first things guests notice and keeping these areas fresh and clean is imperative to the all-important first impression. Flash Professional Cleaning System is a multi-purpose concentrated cleaner, using four products for your core cleaning needs: floors, surfaces, bathrooms and odours. Accurate wall mounted dispensing systems deliver cost control and consistent results, making it safe and simple to us. ITORIAL

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