Recommendations for Government

Hospitality and tourism is an economic contest between nations. Whilst global hospitality and tourism numbers are forecast to increase, the countries which benefit most from this growth will be those who have a clear strategy for growth and leadership from the top of Government.

Hospitality and tourism has continued to be omitted from the UK Government’s economic growth policy. 

Here are our ten steps for action:

1. The single most important reform is to cut the rate of VAT on Tourism

2. Review Air Passenger Duty

3. Actively drive the recommendations of the Airports Commission when it reports next year

4. Develop and deliver a single Visa Application Centre concept for Chinese visitors to more radically improve the application process

5. Support a city bid for Expo 2025

6. VisitBritain to take responsibility for all UK international and Business Tourism

7. VisitEngland to have responsibility for promoting domestic Tourism and improving the capabilities of Destination Management Organisations

8. Urgently review sub – national tourism structures and funding

9. Create Tourism Enterprise Zones for rural and coastal resorts to imaginatively turnaround economic decline

10. Fund tourism and hospitality apprenticeship and job creation initiatives


Britain has a number of huge advantages in attracting international visitors - language, history, economy, cultural attractions and developed infrastructure to name a few. But according to evidence we are failing to realise our full potential and wish to see a number sustained changes in the policy of this and successive Governments to boost investment and employment.

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