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Owning and running a restaurant is one of the toughest businesses to be in. But it’s exciting and enormously fulfilling.

Members tell us that running a restaurant is like being on the stage. And that’s what the RA does for our industry. Our vision to nurture and grow the UK’s world leading restaurant scene by turning on the spotlights and promoting a better understanding of what we do. Let’s work together to celebrate the success of a stronger and more dynamic restaurant and food service community.  We aim to secure membership of every great restaurant and food service outlet in the UK. This builds confidence and credibility both within the industry, government and among diners, guests and visitors alike.

We keep an eye on what’s coming down the track, so that you can keep your eyes firmly on the customer. And one of our key roles is to turn the influx of new food regulations into understandable, actionable operations. We help everyone in your team can stay on top of the details.

Members tell us that one of the best benefits of being part of the RA is the company we keep. If you’re coming up the ranks, there is no better way to network your way to the next position. If you’re already at the top, this is the way you can give back to the restaurant community.

The RA is part of the British Hospitality Association (BHA).


Together, we can

Together we can present a clear choice for Government and the hospitality & tourism industry. Either we are content with the ‘steady as she goes’ approach or we jointly pilot a path for a more ambitious strategy. Putting the right policies in place offers us all a considerable prize – growth which delivers 300,000 new jobs.

The BHA is the private sector forum for the UK’s 6th largest contributor to export earnings and 4th largest employer - that's 3 million people or 10% of the workforce and over 180,000 businesses.

The aim of the BHA is to unite our industry in a single powerful voice so that hospitality and tourism can be recognised as one of the key value drivers in the UK economy. What sets our industry apart from the others is its people - their spirit of generosity, their passion for service to others, and their sense of community. The hospitality industry and its future success thrives on how we engage and inspire our most powerful asset - our 3 million strong workforce.

David Loewi Chairman of the Restaurants Association

David Loewi
Chairman of The Restaurant Association

Robert Walton MBE President of the Restaurants Association

Robert Walton MBE
President of The Restaurant Association

Ufi Ibrahim Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim
Chief Executive of The Restaurant Association

The Big Hospitality Conversation –  helping young hopefuls shine

The Big Hospitality Conversation is a nationwide campaign to inspire young people to find their career in hospitality and tourism, creating job opportunities for 16-24 year olds. Thanks to the active engagement of over 1,500 members of the hospitality and tourism community, the nationwide campaign has created over 42,000 new career starts for 16 to 24 year olds across the UK in just two years. The campaign has attracted thousands of young people and businesses, but it has also helped the Restaurant Association and BHA to attract the support of the Business in the Community and HRH The Prince of Wales, Springboard, Believe in Young People, JobCentrePlus, the National Apprenticeship Service, the Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Skills, Ministry of Tourism, strong Welsh and Scottish government support, as well the Mayor of London and the Mayor of Bristol.

We seek to engage the whole industry by the end of 2016. After all, if every hospitality business in the UK created just one new opportunity for a young new starter via this campaign, the result would be 200,000 plus new career starts, and a whole new generation of future leaders.

We invite you to join a BHC event soon: