Call to Action: The door is open to change

The hard work of the BHA and Cut Tourism VAT campaign has resulted in the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee calling on the Government to consider a cut in VAT. This is a major breakthrough but there is much still to be done.

Another first is that Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has also said he will look at our demands. Clearly Mr Balls needs convincing on the economics of the subject so all Labour candidates should be supplied with our rationale.

We urge all our members to contact your local candidates of all parties and ask for their commitment to a cut in tourism VAT.

Your local candidates should be reminded that tourism is one of the biggest employers in the country and that many of the areas involved, especially the seaside towns, face huge social, economic health and employment issues.

Well over 100 MPs of the current parliament signed up to our cause and these numbers are growing daily. The new intake of MPs will be courted in equal measure.

All members and supporters should use social media to engage with candidates and repeatedly pose this question:



Table-2There are a range of online tools you can use including mentioning @CutTourismVAT on twitter as you tweet your politicians, sharing our YouTube videos to colleagues and friends, and ensuring all of your local Parliamentary candidates have a copy of our core factsheet on the strong economic evidence behind a reduction. If you need further information or support please contact


The industry’s united, single-minded voice is working

On behalf our members, the BHA submitted your feedback to the DCMS Select Committee inquiry into tourism. That was back in September 2014 and you can find the full submission on our website HERE.

At that time we set out 10 points to change the game and ensure Tourism is no longer omitted from the UK Government’s economic growth policy.

Thank you for your support and commitment to presenting a united voice for the tourism and hospitality industry through the BHA. The Government is listening and we can continue to capitalise on these breakthroughs.

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