Digital Marketing in Hospitality

Innovative ways to communicate with your customers

Marketing and brand communication are essential for any thriving business, and engaging your customers in the digital realm is more important than ever. Luckily, Enplug helps you with both.

Brands like Mariott and Radisson are using Enplug´s digital signage software to help guests get the most out of their stay, and also streamline marketing efforts. Win – win ? Definitely. Here are four ways Enplug´s digital signage for hotels can help you do just that.

  1. Inform guests of the latest news & attractions

What events are happening nearby. What are some great places to grab a quick bite ? With digital signage, out of town visitors looking for places to explore can easily check your displays – placed strategically around common areas like the lobby or elevators – for news events and recommendations.

  1. Give visitors a way to share and rate their experiences

Reviews are essential in the hospitality biz. In fact, Enplug research found that more than half (57%) of consumers say they would be somewhat or very influenced to think more positively about a business after seeing praise online via social media. You can attract more reviews and show off your sterling reputation by displaying testimonials from trusted review sites and social media e.g. TripAdvisor, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp or Facebook and by encouraging guests to share. Your guest will feel like their needs and opinions are valued, and you´ll earn their trust – which means repeat business.

  1. Promote upcoming events at your hotel

Hosting a wedding, conference or gala? Promote upcoming events at your hotel to spread the word. Digital signage can even be used during your events to engage guests on social media and generate buzz.

  1. Promote businesses nearby

Digital signage can be used as a great promotional tool, and can even open up a new revenue stream for your hotel. Inform guests of nearby restaurants, entertainment, and attractions. Suddenly, with a new promotional outlet, your partnership just got more valuable.

Learn more about using Enplug´s digital signage software in your hotel.

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