Giving to charity; a few digital pennies at a time

Nine pence, 22p even 95p.  None of these sounds like much as individual amounts, but it is amazing how quickly they can become something significant when added together.  For charities these micro-donations, are a crucial revenue stream that many of you will be familiar with.  Maybe you’ve counted change in the traditional charity boxes in your venues, or fundraised with a bucket in fancy dress before sending money off to charities.  What if there was an easier way to collect those small amounts?

This question brought together a group of volunteers who wanted to address one of the challenges of modern ad-hoc giving in our increasingly cashless society and they came up with a solution: the digital charity box.

We are carrying less cash these days and more of us are paying by card, even for the smallest of purchases.  In fact a third of us regularly leave home without a penny on us.  As this cashless trend looks set to continue charity Pennies and its digital charity box is harnessing the shift in our spending habits to benefit charities, where every penny really does matter.

It is a modern take on the traditional charity box that offers customers the chance to donate a few pence to charity when they pay by card.  Our pennies can once again make a difference where they are needed most.

The hospitality sector has quickly embraced this new way to give to charity.  You may have seen it or even made one of the 12 million donations received so far.  Pennies launched four years ago with BHA member Domino’s Pizza.  We have since gone from strength to strength with the Zizzi Ristorante, ASK Italian, Travelodge and Drake & Morgan also amongst early adopters.

Every week more than 100,000 donations are now made in support of a range of charities.  Pennies partners nominate the charity or charities that they wish to benefit.  So if you are looking for an easy way to raise a lot for the charity you care about, why not see if the Pennies team can help you.


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Thanks, Liz Kearsley

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