Hidden costs of waste

WNWN7Food waste is often only associated with disposal costs, but have you factored in resources associated with ingredients and labour?

When it comes to cost of waste it is important to understand where waste occurs and what is the true cost of food as some foods are a lot more resource intensive than others.

Where waste occurs?

Food production requires a huge input of hidden resources. Often food waste is associated only with disposal costs, but there is also other expenditure to consider including food purchase and labour which account for nearly 90% of the cost of food waste. Each stage of the supply chain uses: water, energy, time, land, manpower, fertilizer, fuel, packaging, money, and transport. When food is wasted the resources used across the supply chain are also wasted.

As such, any improvements to reduce avoidable food waste puts savings straight onto the bottom line, and that’s at every stage of the process, whether its preparation, spoilage or plate waste.

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