Hospitality Careers: Climb a Ladder of Endless Opportunity

A Career in Hospitality: A one-way ticket to progression and opportunities

From the apprenticeship to the board-room, a hospitality career path is one of limitless avenues and possibilities.

It's unique not only in the varied nature of the roles available, but also the transferable skills and choice of training opportunities that it presents.

The Caterer's recently published Check Into Hospitality Careers Guide takes an in-depth look at the avenues it opens up, supporting the BHA's continued promotion of the industry via the spearheading of campaigns such as Hospitality Works programme and the Big Hospitality Conversation series.

This drive is an important step in unravelling misconceptions around the hospitality industry and rejecting the view that the industry could not offer a strong career path for young people and career starters. In particular, industry misconceptions around low pay and long hours, which were uncovered in a recent Best Western survey.

The hospitality industry provides stable and well-paid trajectories into higher level positions including management and beyond, as well as equipping employees with vital transferable skills such as team work, customer service and time management skills to name just a few.

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA has said:

"Hospitality is a successful and growing industry which offers a fantastic range of career opportunities to young people. However, there are still widespread misconceptions amongst many outside the industry who don't understand the variety and potential that a career in hospitality can offer.

"We urge young people to look beyond outdated viewpoints to see the breadth of job roles and the training available in our industry, and the ability for bright and focused young people to succeed very quickly."

Here are 3 Reasons to choose a career in hospitality

  • A career to suit you
  • Work hard and be rewarded
  • Two million people can't be long...
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