Hospitality Championship

Ufi Ibrahim CEO of  the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim
CEO of the British Hospitality Association

BHA Hotel and Catering Challenge Cup Chairman's Review

Like football, success in Hospitality relies on outstanding team performance. From visionary leadership and strategic management, through to attracting and developing talent, and ultimately delivering great results – it takes an entire team to make it happen.

And as with football, Hospitality is intensely competitive - and not just at game level for that matter. Increasingly, Hospitality is actively competing with rivals at championship level.

The British Hospitality Association represents the UK Hospitality Industry in the Premier League of UK plc. Our competitors are the likes of the British Banking sector, Finance, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Engineering, Retail and the Creative industries. Historically, our rivals have dominated the top of the league table.  However, we started changing that four years ago, and now we are championship contenders. How? By introducing five big game-changers:

  1. Setting the facts straight on the impact of Hospitality. Our research exposed Hospitality as the fourth largest employer in the UK.
  2. Focusing on a single KPI - namely the BHA’s ‘Agenda 300,000 jobs’.
  3. Igniting the largest grassroots campaign in the history of our industry, with over 600 BHA members adopting and training their MPs on our industry facts and our ‘key asks’. As a result of their remarkable achievements, we now have over 60 MPs actively championing ‘Cut Tourism VAT’ in Parliament and The Sun newspaper as a partner of the campaign.
  4. Creating a brand new and dynamic culture in which BHA members work together as a collective to inspire the next generation through our Big Hospitality Conversation initiative, which has thus far brought together over 1,500 BHA members to create over 34,000 new career opportunities for young people in the UK.
  5. Showcase and celebrate our industry’s success. We established The Hospitality & Tourism Summit as the ‘Davos’ of our industry, to make sure that everyone in Government, everyone in our industry, all the press and the wider global competition recognise our leadership and innovation on economic, social and technological drivers.

These ‘game-changers’ have already transformed our relations with Government. On 5 June 2014, the Minister for Tourism chose to launch the brand-new ‘Tourism Council’ at the BHA’s annual Hospitality & Tourism Summit. The Council delivers one of our key asks of Government – a platform chaired by Ministers from across Government Departments, working in partnership with industry, to deliver Hospitality and Tourism new jobs and skills.

But, as every successful football manager will agree, in a competitive arena there is no room for complacency. The BHA is already working on developing the next level of game-changers, building on our new strengths and sharpening our tools. Also, we are building our arsenal of new partners and collaborators, to take us to the next level.

We are particularly pleased about our partnership with the Hotel and Catering Challenge Cup. This fantastic tournament showcases some of the best attributes of our industry – our passion, our energy and our investment in the people who collectively form the British Hospitality industry we are so proud of.


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