Mind Your Language

At last year’s Hospitality and Tourism Summit attendees had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Graeme Codrington, the International Director of Tomorrow Today speak.

Dr. Codrington’s speech titled, Mind Your Language, focused on the fast paced and technologically geared world we live in today. More specifically, addressed hospitality industry leaders about how their work environments need to adapt to the emergence of global youth culture.

Whether you have heard this generation referred to as “Generation Y,” “Millennials” or Dr. Codrington’s favourite, “Digital Natives,” it is important to understand how this generation differs from what the hospitality industry has been use to. This generation has been born and shaped by the digital world and has a new set of expectations and world views. He described this generation as the young people (25 and younger) who know of nothing prior to 1989.

As this generation enters the work world, current professionals must be ready to adapt and understand that these Digital Natives will not grow up or become the way we are familiar with today. For this reason, new approaches and connections must be made to maintain productivity and efficiency.

In order to make these new connections and advances, Graeme recommends getting your company’s technology sorted out. This could mean several things from making sure your company is present not only online, but also accessible on mobile devices. Additionally, it is important to have updated technology and software versions installed in your office, while also being flexible in allowing employees to use their personal technology.

In today’s world, young people need 3 things in a work environment: freedom, flexibility and fun. Dr. Codrington presented this idea understanding that these 3 things can only be available to a certain extent. However, the hospitality and tourism industry must move forward knowing that social and digital are vital and can facilitate freedom, flexibility and fun in the industry. This is a mindset shift in our world and is the new way people are connecting and engaging.

Dr. Codrington believes this mindset shift is the most pressing management issue facing industries today. While the hospitality and tourism industry strive to be the best and work with the Big Hospitality Conversation to employ young people, it is necessary to know how to communicate and connect with this new generation as future employees and potential customers.

Take the time to hear Dr. Graeme Codrington’s full speech below and on our YouTube Channel.


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