Overpaying your taxes?

HMRC know that most Small & Medium Enterprises want to get things right but may need help to do so enabling their business to grow and we believe this is the case with the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. Through engaging with BHA we are able to facilitate a range of free on-line learning resources, including step by step tutorials and webinars to make it easy for you to understand your obligations, ensuring you are not paying more taxes than required and at a time that suits you. We believe this approach enhances the services we already provide to you to support the growth of the tourism businesses in a practical and easy way with your needs in mind.

Therefore if you want to know all about being in business and employing someone in an easy to follow format, we think you would find helpful the E-learning packages for self-employed customers and employers, Starting your own business  and Becoming an employer. Follow the link for a payroll package http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/payerti/payroll/bpt/using-bpt.htm, record keeping for mobile devices, apps and a ready reckoner.

I know your time is precious and so you should find the following links will help to make life a little easier for you and they are free! Click HERE for more details

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