Parliament to debate tourism VAT – contact your MP today

Through the good offices of supportive MPs who took part in a Cut Tourism VAT campaign Round Table on 15 January at London’s Cavendish Hotel, we have secured the first ever Parliamentary Debate on VAT in tourism. This will take place in Westminster Hall at 9.30 a.m. on Tuesday next, 11 February.

Adopt your MP 

Graham Wason Chairman of the Cut Tourism VAT campaign

Graham Wason
Chairman of the Cut Tourism VAT campaign

We want every MP to know that there is a great case for reducing VAT on tourist accommodation and visitor attractions as a first step. Research shows that a cut from 20 down to 5 per cent would create 80,000 jobs and create a £2.6 billion surplus for the Treasury over ten years from extra Income and other Taxes.

Download a template letter here and send it to your MP, asking him or her to take part in next Tuesday’s debate. The letter includes details of the Cut Tourism VAT website where there is extra information. Please contact your MP today. You can post the letter to House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or email them. To email, please go to and put in your postcode. On the next page, click on the MP’s name. This takes you to a page with the MP’s Parliamentary email address. Send the email, copying, please, to

…any queries?: Please email the Campaign Manager, Vernon Hunte, at

Graham Wason, Chairman of Cut Tourism VAT says: “This is the first ever debate focused exclusively on Tourism VAT in Parliament and is an important opportunity that industry must take advantage of.”   

“The Campaign is working with all of our supporters to encourage MPs to take part next Tuesday and to raise aware of the strong economic evidence behind the case for a reduction.”

Ufi Ibrahim Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim
Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive, BHA says: “The power of a grassroots campaign should not be underestimated. "

"The role of even the smallest company, who has engaged with their MP and educated them on the Cut Tourism VAT campaign is best illustrated by the forthcoming House of Commons debate. 

"Every letter, every conversation, every mention of the importance of hospitality and tourism, and the potential to drive additional wealth and jobs through a competitive VAT rate gets us one step closer to the prize.”


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2 Responses to “Parliament to debate tourism VAT – contact your MP today”

  1. Kenneth Arfin

    Well done!!!!! it is about time someone stood up for our industry to long have we and our customers been subjected to this crippling rate of vat in the UK. How many more restaurants have to close before they listen? It would give us a chance to hire more staff and get people working! We have to struggle week to week to pay our bills i speak to a lot of people and they cannot believe that we have to pay out 20 per cent vat out of our takings and can hardly claim any back!