The Campaign for Tourism – End of year update

Edward Rugg Campaign coordinator Campaign for Tourism

Edward Rugg
Campaign coordinator
Campaign for Tourism

Members of the campaign steering group recently met with Christopher Lockwood, Head of Global Competitiveness, at the No.10 Policy Unit. It was a productive meeting and the Policy Unit seemed most interested in our key issues, making it clear that they were all in favour of sweeping away obstacles to growth. We look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis, to further the interests of our industry and campaign.

We have also received a reply to our original letter from the Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. He too highlighted the government’s record and actions in respect of the tourism industry, but also invited us to meet with his own advisors on tourism and other Liberal Democrats, who are well placed to assist us in advance of their manifesto being written.

It is however, unfortunate that despite various and continued efforts from many members of our campaign steering group for a formal reply from the Labour Party, I have to inform you that to date the campaign has received no such reply. We will of course make continued efforts to engage with them, to forward the interests of the campaign.

I look forward to providing you with further news in the New Year.

The Campaign for Tourism is a united, industry led and politically motivated campaign, with the key aim of pushing Tourism up the political agenda and getting featured in the major political manifestos that will be written by the main parties for the General Election in 2015. The campaign is backed by major industry organisations including the BHA, the Tourism Alliance, the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, UK Inbound and private sector organisations including Merlin Entertainments.

In 2013 the Tourism Economy accounted for 9.6% (3.1 million) of all jobs in the UK and 9.0% (£126.9 billion) of the UK’s total GDP.

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