Top 10 Twitterati of the month – Cut Tourism VAT special

TwitteratiThe BHA team looked at this month's 'keen or frequent users of the social media website Twitter', AKA 'Twitterati'. Here are the best tweeting enthusiasts who have been supporting our campaign to help to save British Holidays.

@TheSunNewspaper - The campaign saw a huge support from the Britain’s best-selling daily newspaper with a new push on Give Us A Break, a campaign highlighting how Chancellor George Osborne can give Britain’s hard-pressed regions a knee-up that will benefit everyone over the long term.

@steve_hawkes  - Deputy Political Editor, The Sun supporting the campaign

@lemanoir@Raymond_Blanc has also joined the forces to create a level playing field for hospitality business in the UK by backing our campaign

@hmurray9 - Chairman Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa FIH Master Innholder /Liveryman WC Innholders Governor Royal Academy Culinary Arts Patron Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

@lesleyaross - Co-Founder & Director @ Tourism Growth Ltd Committed to Tourism - Tweets about Tourism, Marketing & Business Development. 'Retired' Hotelier.

@Search__Social - Connect & Engage Your Customers - Develop Your Customer Service - Social Media Community Management - Hospitality / Tourism / Education

@sealifebham - National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham are also passionate and proud supporters of the campaign

@andrewjteacher - Writer, media commentator on property, business, digital & aviation. Director @Spacehive & founder @BlackstockPR. Social capitalist + music lover has been supporting the lobbying and PR efforts on twitter

@morningad - The Publican's Morning Advertiser is a weekly trade magazine and daily website for #ukpubs. First published in 1794 in support of the VAT campaign

@CutTourismVAT - Official twitter handle for the Campaign for Reduced Tourism VAT, which is supported by over 500 groups, associations, businesses, individual hotels, restaurants and attractions


















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